Better Business Bureau

I know this has been brought up before, maybe on a different forum maybe, but i just want to ask since i had a guy call me this morning wanting me to sign up. Does the BBB help any in generating sales? Do people even look at that anymore, do people even care?

I know personally I have never looked for any companies through the bureau. I know they take complaints against companies… thats about it. I have never heard of anyone looking for services using that avenue

The BBB gets your company name from the county that you filed Fictitious business name statement.

When i started my company they called me too, I would stay away from them.

The only thing you get is a dumb sticker and a logo to put on your website.

just one window cleaners thoughts…

Thanks Alex and Doug ill save my money for other things.

Why would you stay away from them?

Why is the sticker dumb?

The BBB was a great resource for consumers to obtain information about companies before doing business with them. I have found that people go directly to the internet to obtain information about companies and the BBB has sort of become obsolete. Just because a company is a member of the BBB doesn’t mean they are a good company, it just means that they have paid the dues. The company could have tons of complaints against them. Personally I would save my money and invest it into marketing instead.

I’ve received calls from them as well. I have not joined but from what I understand from some of the people that I trade work with (painters, tint guys, mobile screen guys) is that the meetings are where you can generate interest in your business. It is similar to the networking principal of BNI where all the BBB members are invited to talk about their business and pass out cards to other business owners etc. It would probably be worthwhile if you put the time in and are a good net worker.


If you are a client who has a 5 or 6 or even a 3 thousand square foot house, are you really going to ask if you are a member of the BBB… I think not.

Are you a member larry?

waste of money

Go and look on other window cleaners websites and look if they have the BBB logo,

You might just find a couple of them.

I would guess that potential customers don’t ask if one is a member of the BBB out of the blue, but would recognize the logo in someone’s marketing.

Then again, I see many WC’ers stating that they are IWCA members on their website or marketing material, and they are not.

No, nor have I ever considered it (for the reasons stated by others here and elsewhere.)

I was just asking the leading question – you posted a statement without any supporting ideas (read: a reason) to assist in the conversation.

Thanks Larry

I have been a member since 2002. I have heard several times over that i was checked out by the BBB from a customer. Their logo is on all of my stuff including business cards, Quote sheets, Cover letters, all of my vans rear windows. It is true that anyone can be a member if they want to join. They must comply with arbitration if it presents itself. Those of you who want to set yourselves apart from others in your area, i would suggest giving it a try. I believe that the majority of folks looking for our type services (windows & gutter cleaning) dont call the BBB to get the low down on whos doing it right and whos screwing people over. Its not that big of an investment for them like checking on a builder who is putting on a $90,000 addition to their home. If you use the logo in a way like I do (see above) , folks see the logo plastered all over my marketing materials, yellow page ad, etc. It works outstanding for me. Its just shows potential clients that im doing my best to be as professional in backing up my service and customer experience. If you choose to join and put the plaque on the wall and thats as far as you go with it, It will be a huge disappointment. It is no different than putting an ad in a magazine that has little or no interest in it. Use their logo on your forms etc. It WILL give you an edge for sure. Steve

just got the call from them this morning. Was going to post a question, but found this and it answered all my questions. They were very persistent. And at $500 a year…I thought a little expensive. if it was cheaper, they may of gotten me before i looked this Up. I agree with the posts…most people get thier info off the internet now days. Glad I researched…I can put the money elsewhere…

there have been a lot of complaints against the BBB from companies in the last several years.
if you get a bad report they don’t investigate it, they just mark it against you no questions asked. but if you want it removed you have to pay them.
just google the bbb and you’ll find plenty of info about how they are a rip off.

the public has come to the conclusion the BBB are some kind of authority on rating a business. and that simply isn’t true. they are simply a company that set a niche for itself and charge companies out the nose for no guarantee of any gain for the company.

you could go on for days finding stories like these,;-Is-it-worth-another-look&id=28177

I joined a local BBB solely for their BWC group rating. I’ve changed group plans (BBB, Chamber of commerce, etc) whenever their’s a better discount. That being said, my BBB listing produced $3500.00 (mostly commercial) in business this year. Folks called and said “they check with BBB memebers first”. I’d never think to use BBB members, but somebody obviously is.

But I agree with yama…When they had me on the phone…they said they were putiing me in as a honest, fair and reliable company…with high ratings?? really?? based on what. They know nothing about me or my business. they were basing it on my answers over the phone. Every time they asked me a quesion…“sir…how do you spell you last name…how do you spell your business name…etc” I would ask the…:“how do you have it spelled?” and they would answer…“well…we dont” they had no info on me but a phone number. I agree it can be beneficial…but I look at it like the yellow pages…it may pay off or it may not…

I too have got a huge reduction in my Workers Compensation premiums with the BBB. I pay $300.00 a year for my BBB membership and an extra $100.00 for my online reliability seal (leads visitors to the BBB site with my company profile). It works because I have asked people and they said they checked me out. It has definately landed jobs for me. I had about 5 leads sent to me via their website in 2010.

I wish my competition would think like most of you that want to save the money for other things…


I was a member for a couple years. Didn’t feel like I gained much from it. Maybe I didn’t utilize it to it’s full potential.

Personally I would rather spend the money joining the Chamber. Just me though!!

The chamber is a good place to invest your marketing dollars too. I spoke with a person at my chamber just yesterday about using their bulk rate stamp. its going to save me almost half on my postage for some of my marketing pieces this year.


the thing about the BBB is anyone can make a complaint against you even if they were never a customer. because the BBB doesn’t ask for proof or try to verify any of their story.

it happened to the company I worked for. it turned out the person that made the complaint was the owner of a competitor who at one time worked for us and was stealing job leads and selling his products and services.

what a stand up guy eh? and the BBB stands behind this jerk with his neg rating.

the bbb wants you to pay them…but don’t do anything to protect your rep from fake complaints. it’s kind of a big gamble.

Thats weird. Your company should have went through arbitration to clear your name. There has to be some sort of investigation between both parties to come to a conclusion. I have turned in competition to the BBB for false advertising. “rated #1 in residential window cleaning” is what this competitor was advertising. Rated by who? Your grandma? I gave the BBB a heads up and they investigated. The company pulled their ads in the yellow pages and on their website.

Did your former company go through arbitration or did they just get angry about it? Lots of shady underhanded people out there for sure.