Bidding store fronts

How do you typically bid a regular sized store front window? do you do it by the window or do you just figure out how long it will take you? Also how about mechanic drive in garages? how do you bid those? Thanks

Charge $25 a window, minium charge $100…go out there and give it a shot, you’ll be happy


You have learned well grasshopper.

I blew snot out my nose. Made a little bubble.

It all comes down to time. Figure out how much you want to make an hour VS how quick you know you can do it. Price accordingly.

Matt do you actually have any such accounts???

Thats ridiculously expensive:eek:

When it comes to small store fronts with panes of glass that are like an arms width wide and like 5 ft tall I usually charge about $5 a window…maybe less. The more/smaller the panes, the longer it takes to do. THe less/larger panes there are, the easier/quicker.

So on average, a store with 4 large panes and a door will get me about $15-$25…maybe a bit less, or more…all depends on how long I think it will take.

So I take both into consideration…price per window [I]and[/I] how long it will take me.
You could have 2 stores with the same size windows but one is easier to do than another for any number of reasons.

So far I have been coming in at .50 to $1 per minute on my jobs. It wasn’t like that when I started though…and I’m sure Ill get faster and better.

I have this one job though that I am still not finished…I totally underestimated the time. Its an old train station and the windows are all made of like 40 4X8 sized windows!!! and there are like 30 of them!! Inside and out! And they are DIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTY!!!
I am sticking with my estimate though out if integrity. I did the owners house and made of quite nicely with that job…so its building realtionships to other possible leads. He is a business man so he knows that I know I underestimated.
I am just going to eat this job and maybe use it as advertising…its in a high traveled area.

here are some images of the train station…

I was joking:D

Dont listen to that craziness! You will never get a job if you charged like that. Unless the owner or manager has just won the lottery. I use to own a Mailbox Store. The most I ever paid was 12 per window. Now I admit that I am new to the buisness, but I know 25.00 per window is out of the ballpark.

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Is that inside and outside for the $5 quote

to the RR(tongue roll)RRR-rescue!

I have found that store fronts, while nice during slow times, are usually more of a pain. Unless you have several stores together, they pay little and suck up a lot of time. Then when you’re busy you have that store front nagging you to come clean the windows for 20-50 bucks … but you’re at a house that 's going to pay several hundred!

Well said.

I believe the national chain…you know the one…the guys in red shirts…charge $1.50 per pane for in and out service on storefronts. Because of this, I can’t get much more than $2.00 per pane in my area for in and out service.

On store fronts, I only make about 60% overall of what I make on residential, and about 70% of what I make on office buildings.

But, storefronts are the easiest way to break into the business. You walk from one door to the next with business cards in hand, asking for the manager. Just remember that so are many other companies…especially in this economy. This economy breeds new window cleaners.

[I]But, storefronts are the easiest way to break into the business. You walk from one door to the next with business cards in hand, asking for the manager. Just remember that so are many other companies…especially in this economy. [B]This economy breeds new window cleaners[/B].[/I]

HeHe! That’ll be me! Fortunately, in my corner of the world, the economy has not been hit so hard. The reason I decided to start a WC biz was because of all the nasty store front windows I see everywhere. I think the local window cleaning folks/companies (7 of them) are doing the big bucks commercial and residential and the store fronts are DIY.

Actually, I’m not sure any of them do much commercial at all cause I’ve always noticed how dirty the windows are at most of the places. Banks, law/doctors/insurance offices, restaurants, the mall, etc. Places you would think would want to have nice, clean windows. Either there is no one to clean them or the places are too cheap to hire someone. Guess I’ll find out when I hit the streets!

did you get laid off? fired?

No, but I did lose come clients. I have had a house keeping biz for years and in the last few months, I’ve had three of my ladies go from a regular every two weeks to a every once and a while cleaning, due to illness or them being gone most of the time to take care of someone in their family with a chronic illness.
Lost another because the gal just couldn’t afford me. Her boyfriend was paying for me and I guess they broke up or something.

I will start out just filling those available days, but the goal is to shift from house keeping to window cleaning. It’s GOT to be easier on the bod! Of course, then, I will have to deal with the guilt of leaving my ladies after cleaning for some of them for many years, esp the older ones.:frowning: