Black awnings with Green mold and Lichen!

Awning cleaning can be a nice service. This is a window customer that let their awnings go a little too long. There was lichen under the mold. That’s always fun! We use the tried and true: 10% Deep clean, 25% SH, 65% water. I did a bit of an over kill on this and used our softwash system. It could have been done with a pump up sprayer and garden hose. If you have the tools its fun to use them though.

If you notice in the clean pic the local police stopped in to say hi and check out the work! The van shot was the next stop.

Nice Job!!!


Wayne thanks for your hard work! It’s your formula that we are using. How do you apply the bird spot remover(winsol product, forget the correct product name presently) without costing yourself a fortune?

What’s 25% SH

can i ask what was your total gallon of product you used?

It’s the proportions of 12.5, sodium hydroclorite. To make a mix it consists of 65% water, 25% SH, and 10% deep clean. When dealing with bird droppings you can use a different chem to lift the poop. We use a pump up sprayer often but for high awnings I haven’t come up with a good solution. It’s too expensive to use waste fully. Anyone have a good delivery for awnings up high out of ladder reach?

I have a metal awning Friday, I have no chemicals, what do you suggest since I can’t get the chemicals till next week?

Hi Jared,

I use a “Bird Poop Pole” using a Unger FIXI-Clamp with a sponge and applying Winsol Dirty Bird directly to the bird droppings.

Hope this helps.


I just did some blue canvas awnings, but was scared the SH would bleach the color. At 25% it’s not a problem?

is this mix used to clean metal awnings?

Most awnings are bleach safe. However, it’s a good practice to test each awning in a small spot first, no matter what kind of % of bleach you are using.

Nice job, Jared! It’s amazing what clean awnings will do for a building.

Just landed my first awning cleaning job last week…450 linear feet. I’ve never cleaned fabric
awning before and figured I would turn to the forum for answers.

I just got done speaking with Wayne who was very gracious in helping me out! He is VERY
intelligent when it comes to awning cleaning and answered all of my questions.

BIG shout out to Wayne from Awning Cleaning Services! Thanks!!

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One thing I can add is always ask the customer what color the awning is, because no matter how much bleach or scrubbing you can’t change a black and gray striped awning, into a black and white stripped awning. I thought the gray stripes were dirty white stripes, wasted close to an hour trying to get them white till the customer got home, and I said I’m sorry but I can’t get these any whiter.

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I stayed away from bleach, but after seeing your results I’m going to give it a try. I got 8 fabric awnings, never cleaned in years, used Winsol Deep Clean, Dirty Bird, but still have that brown “rain run off” on the lower 2/3’ of awning. Driving me crazy.

could someone please tell me in third grade level,what the mix ratio with a 1gallon sprayer in Ounces. and not in percentage. 65%water,25% Sh and 10% Deep Clean. PLEASE

Hi James,

83 oz of water
32 oz of sh (6%)
13 oz Deep Clean

128 oz total


Awning Cleaning Services

Wayne thanks very much, Once again Wayne to the rescue.

Happy to be able to help.

Have a great day,


Awning Cleaning Services
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Im having to remove the same green mold and lichen,I will use what I got,chlorox II.
Can you please suggest the proper dilution?
I was thinking 25% C.II,75%H2O
Im just making a gallon.[1pint of C.II,and3pints H2O??]
I think that’s math sucks…

I’m not sure if Chlorox II is going to do the job. Just get some regular bleach and use that at the 25% bleach and 75% water.

Hope this helps.