Blind Cleaning

Does anyone provide blind cleaning using a method other than ultasonic? If so, will you share some info such as the method and the equipment you use?

Sean Wilkins
"WOW!" Window & Gutter Cleaning
Dallas, Texas

I do a small amount of blind cleaning.

I use my screen cleaning workstation, regular solution, hog’s hair brush, and heavy-duty sponge and Simple Green as needed.

I rinse with standard tap water and dry on a blind drying rack.

Larry, do you use anything (machine wise) to dry?

All you need to use is pure water and some simple green or some other kind of mild soap.

Spot free results with no spotting or drying needed.

I do not.

To date, I have only cleaned blinds at those jobs where I also have cleaned the windows. So, I remove and clean the blinds, then allow them to air-dry while performing the track, window, and screen cleaning.

I figured I would use pure water to rinse and then let them air dry. What do you use to clean them on? I figure it would have to be something tall & wide with hooks on the top to hold the blinds. Something that can lean against the van or the side of a building. I have a mini van so it would have to be something that folds up. Any ideas? As for the drying rack I was thinking of building it out of PVC pipe that way it could be diassembled easy. I welcome any ideas as far as that goes too.

I use my screen cleaning workstation.

I use a folding drying rack. I have been able to dry two sets of blinds at a time per side.

I did a write up on blind cleaning that is in the biz download section. if you want pics of my racks let me know.

I thought Simple Green was a degreaser, not a mild soap.

Hey Scott, Sure! You can email them to the address below or post them here. Much appreciated.

I dont know…

Simple green is a degreaser. When it comes down to blinds you want to use a soap with out alkaline in it. They are hard to find but they are out there. Alkaline in the soap if to high will damage the paint on the blinds. It will almost make it look oxidized or hazy. it can also speed up the decay of the plastic parts if not rinsed well enough.

Someone told me that simple green was made with RO water - & that was the reason for its cleaning power. But it didn’t figure as you usually dilute it 10-1.

sent them to your email…no server for me to upload them to. let me know if you don’t get them or have any questions.

Thanks Scott, I did receive the pics. I like the concept although I have found many garages are so full of stuff it wouldn’t work. Many times it’s impossible to get into the garage to clean the windows. I was looking at this set-up for sale on this site.

I have seen those and they look really nice except for the price lol. When I don’t have a garage to hang them I use my ladder and ladder rack on on my truck. I will hang one side on the ladder rack and the other other on my ladder. The only reason i like the garage method the best is becuase of the wind. You ever see a blind outside hanging in the wind? not pretty. I bet you could weld up a rack like the one from blindmaid for a ton cheaper.

I was thinking in that direction too as far as having something welded together. A dry rack would be simple enough I think. I would like to find something to clean them on like in that equipment package. I can’t see myself cleaning them on a tarp on the ground. I’m too old for that, I’d never get back up. Besides I think cleaning them while they are hanging would work better because the dirty water would run off easier. I contacted that company to see if they would only sell the cleaning board. Waiting for a reply. Any other ideas?

I’d like to jump in here.

I cleaned 3 homes worth of blinds. I had read on another board about it, had a DI set up and thought what the heck lets give this a try.

I used a soap I had on my truck, at a very high dilution rate (less soap) and the blinds got spotted. In the ‘biz’ they call it leopard spotting.

In short, the detergent was too strong even at dilution. It took off the clear coat on some, and paint on others.

My fault for sure. My point: Careful what soap you use.

If I were to ever try and do blinds again, I’d spring for the kit sold by Blin Butler listed above. Having spoken with the guy (can’t recall his name) a few times, i feel certain his soap and dry racks are worth every penny.


Thanks for the input. I was thinking just a few drops of Dawn. :confused:
Another concern is what types of blinds can be cleaned using this method. You seem to be more limited than if using the ultrasonic method.

I found a small/portable ultrasonic machine by Morantz. (The Baby)

I emailed for a price. Should be interesting :eek:

with the blind maid you are pretty much limited to metal mini’s. you can try faux wood but it’s a gamble on weather or not the wood particle will expand or warp. wood and anything made from cotton, polyester, or anything else for that matter are out of the question. when it comes to that board make your own. plywood, outdoor carpet, hinge, and 1x2 with a few brackets and you are done. you could make it really easy and just glue outdoor carpet to the plywood and then staple the excess carpet around to the back. the one thing I have found about these blind cleaning places is that they make things way over complicated. Slim their stuff down and you will be set. When I scrub mine on the ground with the mat I use an extension pole so I am not on my hands and knees. laying it down is the only time you will get near the ground. dawn works but sometimes you need a little more degreaser. stay away from the ones with alkaline. you can look at the ingredients on the back and if alkaline is in the first ten things look for another bottle. most of the “green” or biodegradable soaps are good. I will only mix about a table spoon or less to 5 gal of wash water. make sure not to let the blind dry before the soap is rinsed. I would stay away from the metalic coated blinds. the silvers, coppers, chrome…the really shiny metal looking ones. these will be most likely to loose clear coating and or paint. The blinds with a flat or semi gloss paint are normally the easy and best to do.

As far as the morantz baby goes it is a very nice machine. although there are things that sales people won’t tell you about them. I believe the baby is a six foot machine which is nice cause you can fit it into elevators. with the ultrasonic you can clean everything. There is a catch. they clean so well that the difference between a clean blind and a trashed blind could be a matter of 15 seconds. now if you plan on going portable you will need to calculate for a few things. water, power, heat. the fabric blinds will not come clean without hot water. The heaters on the tank use a special 20 amp 125 or 250 volt plug(depending on machine) and the tanks hold 35-65 gallons of water per side. I have an 8 foot tank and it takes the heater 2.5 hours to heat the water to a proper temp of 105 degrees. now with the price of chemicals and knowing that you can clean up to 45-60 blinds before changing the water it can become time and costly changing water from house to house. For now I am picking up blinds and dropping off. Come summer time I will be buying a enclosed trailer, generator, and water heater to go mobile. With the ultrasonic there is more potential to make money just for the fact that you can clean more. the list is endless! metal blinds are a dying breed. cellular and wood shades are out selling metal blinds 10-1.