Book recommendations

Anyone here know any good books on window cleaning or starting a business in general? I’ve read Kalfas’ book, I enjoyed the book even though most of the info is either common sense or stated in his vids.

Basically anything by Michael Crichton, Orson Scott Card…oh wait, was your question?

I think WCR has some sort of a book, especially for marketing?


Open to read anything… marketing, technique, selling your service, anything really. I’ll check the authors out that you listed. Thanks

Check out Profit First - its on of my recent favs


Oh yeah not looking for those kind of books. Just window cleaning and business books lol

Profit First changed my life! For the better!! I can’t recommend this book enough.


Ok sweet. There was another thread with Profit First recommendations so I’ll definitely check it out

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Yeah sorry I was just joking lol :smile:

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I think the Window Cleaner’s Marketing Blueprint is on sale right now.


Buy this - if you don’t love it I’ll give you your money back


The above recommendation is worth every penny.

The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to be One by Peter B. Kyne
free download

Buy and read:
Taking the Pane Out Of Window Cleaning
by John Baxter
(ISBN 0-9632123-1-1) Great troubleshooting section.

I would recommend reading “Window Cleaning Secrets Of A Professional”
by Johnny Orsini
But, I don’t think you’ll be able to find a copy. It’s sad too, Mr Orsini compiled a lot of experience and information into his stuff. He submitted several articles to ‘The American Window Cleaner’ magazine. I was reading one of his articles just the other day; the AWC interviewed him in issue #97 (May-June 2003). You want to talk about a hard-luck story turning to gold…this man had one to tell.

Motivation and Sells:
“Over The Top” by Zig Ziglar (ISBN 0-8407-9112-7)

Some of these are old material…they are worth your time. I have read a lot of newer stuff, too…most are not worth the money or the time.


Secrets of business mastery, by mike agugliaro.
Pumpkin plan, by mike michalowizc
The referral engine, by john jantsch

I didn’t like the go getter, something about it seemed flat or rah rah. But their are some good lessons in there. The go-giver by bob burg had some better insight and aligns closer to I want to act and think.


Isn’t profit first such a simple concept. I was like I am an idoit, why didn’t I do this from the beginning. The book is entertaining, with a action plan.

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Thanks for the recommendations and input Matt. Reading (listening) to the Profit First audiobook now. An hour in with 7 to go. So far it is extremely interesting, informational, and enjoyable. Haven’t started cleaning windows yet but will be implementing this method.

Thanks Chris, bought and reading it now. Don’t regret purchasing it at all

Link isn’t working, says it doesn’t exist or is private. Is it just the window cleaning market blueprint that is sold here? Assuming so, just want to be sure

This link?

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It did once, I clicked the link, got to the page, came back to write back and now it’s private again, don’t know what’s going on lol. But it’s all good. I found the book through the website. Thanks

This is the best book if your wanting grow your window cleaning business correctly.

Oh and it worth every freaking dime


No doubt, I can’t wait until it come out on ?audible? I buy it again just to listen to it.

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