Business Cards w/Estimate Form on the Back

This is my biz card, let me know what you think and if you have any advice on changing it, i also thought you’d like to see the back of my card as there’s a recent thread about commercial estimate forms, and this is one alternative.

Thats a nice card. Ours are pretty plain… I was thinking this year about maybe getting some type of offer on the card… maybe good for one storefront window cleaning sample or something like that… Im not sure yet though.

Either way yours is pretty slick

Those are slick. I think the info on the back is great.

i love the back as well i was thinking of getting that put on the back of my cards

I like it, too, and I think the black side is striking. Nicely done.

On the back, the estimate idea is good, but it’s a little too busy, and simplifying it will be in your favor. As it stands, there’s just no room left to write additional comments.

Remove frequency references, and replace them with “service” and “$” fields only, and then leave yourself some room for annotation.

If you do that, you’d have room for some personalized comments, like

[INDENT][I]“Hi - noticed your beautiful store is opening - we’d love to help you make it sparkle before the grand opening! Give us a call!”[/I][/INDENT]

I used a card similar to this for years, and I was grateful for the simpler layout, and extra space, in my experience.

Great card, overall, though. I like the logo and play on words especially.

thanks for all the compliments, and yeah i could stand to declutter the back…

i purposely have seperate sections for interior and exterior and _____ [which could be a foyer or something similar] so that it doesnt seem as expensive to them, maybe its just a trick…that may or may not work [ie. saying 20 for in and 20 for out, instead of 40 for in and out]…do think it would work for those ppl who might get paniced by a higher total then smaller amounts broken down for them?

also i put the every __ week[s] so that i can TELL them how often i think it should be done when i leave a quote for a manager with the staff etc, so i can say Exterior=35 bucks every week, then if he calls me and says “i only want it every 4 weeks” i can say well then its $42 or something [as i normally charge incrimentally more as the frequency decreases ie. $10 every week, $12 every 2 weeks, $15 every 4 weeks] and if he says “but the card says 35!” i can say yes…it says that for a weekly cleaning, but as it will take longer to administer the service, a every-4-week cleaning will be 42…

unless they specify what frequency they want, i will assume weekly by default… and if i dont mention the frequency at all on the estimate then its pretty hard for me to justify a price increase when they say they want it less often then what i imagined when i wrote the estimate, as they have their heart set on the price i put on the card by then.

what do you guys think?

I understand why you did it, completely.

I still think the space would be better served if it was opened up for you to use different ways. Keep it simple.

I do like it, though. Don’t get me wrong.

Nice card! I like the color on the front. I also like the back because you could give them out with a price for the service on them also. One question though what is “GST”? I can not figure this out, but it is late.


Canadian Revenue [B]G[/B]oods and [B]S[/B]ervices [B]T[/B]ax.

The GST is a 5 percent tax on most Canadian goods and services.

Well answered. Any company or corporation that provides services that gross more than $30,000 in any 12 month period must charge GST. Although the GST has been lowered lately, it has gradually come down from being at 7% at one time.

We have to charge a 6.75% sales tax on all of our services

8.25% in Houston, TEXAS!!

Are there any states where you don’t have to charge tax for window cleaning?

I’m in California and don’t have too,im also certain there are other states as well.

We don’t in Idaho

We don’t in Washington.

In New Hampshire there is no tax on anything.

In Iowa we have to apply sales/use tax on commercial but not resi work.

Could anyone tell me where to find the requirement to charge sales tax? May seem simple, but I haven’t thought to look into that…just startin’ out. I plan on doing most of my work in Indiana. Thanks in advance.


Phone a local legitimate competitor, and ask them how much they would charge for cleaning the outside of a small house, and then ask if there are any applicable taxes.