Busy in San Diego?

How busy is everyone in San Diego? The company I work for currently is unseasonably slow. Just curious if its the whole market here in SD or is it just the company im with?

Yeah, we are all slow. Don’t know who you work with but even the high rise guys are slow right now as well. Winter time here (or at least the rainy season) is the time for top ramen soups. Trust me, you can make a 5 course dinner out top ramen. You need recipe’s let me know.

I’m mainly doing residential right now so it’s not too surprising it’s slow with the weather the way it’s been. Surprised to hear the hi-rise is slow. I thought that was a year round gig. I miss doing hi-rise and chair work. I prefer it.

We have been slow as well once this rain goes away you should be slammed with residential come mid march and April.

it’s slow always is this time of year. rain rain go away!

Rain [I]and[/I] snow up here, but I’m slammed with new and repeat residential windows and gutters. I feel [I]very[/I] fortunate.

awesome it’s your squeegenomics degree!!

So how do you do you it big Larry? Folks up your way can’t be much different than down here. How do you do it?

The new phone book is out!

Yeah hopefully things pick up, Ive been doing this for almost 6 years now and this winter is by far the worst for me. Im getting a little discouraged with my window cleaning career at this point. perhaps I should look into a side job.

One word: Marketing.

I agree, marketing is an essential tool for any busines to survive. However I am not owner of the company, just an employee. I’d like to think the folks in the office are taking care of that.

HA! I know who you work for now…MY WINDOW MAN! Am I right?
They got alot of work, if you work for them, you know they let people take a vacation around this time anyway. Keep your chin up my man…or you can always come to work for me and give me all their clients. lol just kidding. Kind of.

No my friend you guessed wrong. I have certainly heard the name though in my time as a window cleaner. If you find yourself with too much work and need a little help Tory give me a shout. Thanks everyone for your input and all the best.

Sure, give me a call in the morning. I don’t have too much right now, but in the next few weeks my crystal ball says we should have some work. On Friday I have something out in Temecula on the inside of a commercial building if you want to ride with my guy you can do the insides if you want. Shoot me a ring in the morning and we can talk turkey.

Are you serious Lar? Do you really attribute it to that? - Im curious, I dont recall you mentioning wich advertising mediums you prefer…

What has worked for me is, and this sort of ties into the other thread about “when to call springtime clients”, obviously here in California we dont have a real “Winter” where we shut down completely, so year round cleaning is entirely possible. Pre-booked clientel, year round, I have clients that are booked quarterly, lots of them…and I specificly make a push and or schedule my October heavy as possible., why? because those are my January bookings, slammed in October=more work in Jan, because you know your going to get some re-schedules due to weather, I just push them around, some into Feb if I have to, and March. I have had, so far, the busiest January in my 4 yrs running, and March and April and 3/4 of May are already booked out. I dont leave a clients house after the cleaning, until they are booked again 3 mos. down the road. At the end of January, my April was full. My client base is probably 99% referral., I don’t advertise other than business cards. But I am involved downtown with other businesses thru the Chamber of Commerce, and try to stay involved with Kiwanis etc…Networking and selling yourself…its worked for me.

A little slow here in Ventura County too. But thats the way it goes. Work your ass off April-December, save your money, use Jan-mid March to prepare for the next season. Im anxious to get going but hey what can you do. If you’ve planned for the slow months and saved some money then you have no worries.

Join the WCRA and read my reply to Chris posted there!

dangit…I dont have a ticket to get in.