Cargo Trailer (WFP) setup w/Tank (Newbie)

Hey all. My first post. Wanted to share what I’m trying to accomplish and what I’ve found out by researching so far and then get more options and info from the pros on what I should do regarding… I just purchased a brand new 6x10 inclosed trailer. I’m trying to set it up with a SDI system with water tank aboard. I’ve just recently picked up a nice 250 gallon tank with the cage around it. Didn’t want one this large but got it for a steal and it was new so that’s what I have. I already have a place here in Nashville that I will be getting the SDI system from (will be leasing the tanks) planning on getting a deep cycle battery & the RHG Delivery Kit from = Pump & Controller. Looking to purchase the Unger nLine 39 ft WFP. Just getting setup for a one man show for now and add another pump & controller later for a 2 man. I plan on a 300ft reel with hose but still unsure on what kind of hoses and fittings I will need for this setup (asking for help here :relaxed:) I’ve been cleaning windows for 8 years from store fronts to 40ft ladder work, crazy pole work with a zero, staging, lifts and rope drops but have yet to use a WFP setup. I have landed this year 27 commercial buildings from one contract setup for a quarterly clean on all (exterior only) I’m sick of the ladders man! Time for the pull up to the job jump out and get on glass from the ground! Thanks in advance!

What are you using for a tow-vehicle? What’s the weight rating on that trailer? Is it a tandem axle? 250 gallons is a lot of weight, and most likely way overkill for WFP.

It would make for a nice power washing setup, though. You could setup the trailer for both power washing and WFP. House washing goes together with window cleaning like peanut butter and jelly :smile:



Hi Breck,

Good news on your new setup.

Since you’re doing commercial work, there will be concrete sidewalks aplenty. Nonmarking hoses are especially useful.

From what Ive read, electric reels are also a blessing when dealing with long hoses and route work. Cost about 600 bucks apiece but saves much wear and tear on the body.


Are the items mounted yet? If not, you’ll want to make sure that 250g tank is mounted over the axles to support the weight, which will be upwards of 2k lbs when full. Probably will need double axles.

Best wishes with everything😁

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…Yeah, like 2000 lbs…just the water…

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Congrats that a nice little contract!


Remember you don’t have to fill the tank full if the job doesn’t call for that much water, you can use baffle balls or baffles, or a sponge insert in the tank to prevent the sloshing affect.

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I have a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500. Towing compacity is 3,750. Unfortanlty it is not a tandem Axel as I couldn’t afford it with everything I have to purchase :pensive:… Should have mentioned that I will be using this as a pressure washing rig as well but after looking into it more I may get a smaller tank (125lbs) and set another trailer up next year for pressure washing… I need the space anyways for all my other window cleaning gear… I love peanut butter and jelly! :yum:

Thanks Bubble_Guy I apreacite it! I actually seen the motorized reels and fell in love but that will have to be an upgrade later as I have so much to spend I need to put most of the money into other important things first. Nothing is mounted as of now. I did have it planned for my buddy to secure the tank nice and neat for me but after reading in a few things I’m thinking of going with a smaller 125 lb tank as I really need more space for all my other window cleaning gear. I only gave $50 bucks for that big tank so not out a lot of money if I decide not to use it right now… I also didn’t plan on filling it all the way up anyways which is why I’m going for a smaller tank to save space…

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So true. Wasn’t going to fill it up completely tho. Got a good deal so went with it but after reading on things and hearing back from you guys I’m going With a smaller 125 lb tank especially since my trailer isn’t a double axel…

Thanks for the info! I’ll be going with a smaller tank now (125lbs) would I still need the use of baffles? And what would be the easiest and best of what you mentioned for the sloshing? And that’s exactly what I had planned to do with filling. Wasn’t going to fill it completely but since I’m not I’m just going for a smaller tank to utilze space…

you can also use free 5 gallon jugs from a carwash that are free. using plastic pipe connectors you can join them together to act as one baffled tank. additionally each individual tank can be attached to the trailer which is far more secure than one larger tank.
the bottom large cap has threads that accept a plastic insert with hose nipple.

use plastic tee’s to join as many or few jugs as you want, low profile, secure even arrange in the diesired shape you want.
some car washes sell their emties to recyclers but with a little digging you can easily find one that just throws them out. they rinse out quite easily and provide a lovely soap mixture (i usually get the prewash containers

these are cheap (from the right place) and also provide a pump, and can be linked to the car wash jugs as well. i added a remote control which works from about 100 feet more or less depending on the situation.
when joining containers together so they act as one the connecting hoses must be at the bottom and must all be at the same level. the height of the containers must also be the same. you are using gravity to allow the water to flow between containers and if any are higher they will empty into lower ones right away.


That’s a great idea! The plan now is to utilize space in the cargo trailer so going for a 125lb low profile water tank and have it mounted nice a neat. I want a min. of a 100 gallons on my trailer and with 5 gallon jugs I believe would take up more space than I would like… I still have all my rope gear and window cleaning tools and such that I want to fit nice and tighty in there

100 gallons is 100 gallons the advantage of the smaller containers is they can be configured to a specific shape.
i cannot fit a 100 gallon tank in my mini van but i did a job recently that required 80 gallons and had room to spare. although not load capacity.


Very true! I’m going to go get some of them jugs and see how I could set it up. Thanks for the info!

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They all work the same basically, do some research and get which is ever cheaper and local to you.

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Great! I will research this tonight. Thanks for the info!

??? :confused: What kind of mini van Ken?


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pontiac montana with lousy rear springs

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I have heard that about there rear springs.

If that weight wasn’t an issue, you could fit a 100 gallon tank in there.

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