Christmas window painting- charge more or not?

Hey guys im new to this whole new store front thing and I have a couple accounts and as I was driving by them the other night I noticed they have sprayed their windows with that fake snow stuff. At the end of this holiday season should I charge them more for cleaning that or just clean it with no complaints?


You typically charge for a regular maintenance cleaning at a specified interval, right?

This is not a regular cleaning – it could take two to four (for example) times as long, and you will have extra cleanup for your supplies.

Charge accordingly.

I always charge up to 3 times as much depending on how much of the window is covered. It’s a mess so be prepared to change your water and stripwasher when you’re done.:eek:

If you are usually there for 10 minutes and now it takes 15 I would say let it go, it’s only 5 extra minutes. If it takes 30 minutes extra they will probably expect to pay extra. Also take into consideration how much they pay you to clean their windows annually as well. Is a weekly account or only monthly. People hate extra charges and will get upset if they think you’re being a cheap penny pinching kind of guy, and they won’t tell you. JMO


I understand your point Mike but would you remove vinyl lettering at your standard price? If it’s something they put on the window and them expect us to remove it I’d say charge more.

Taking Christmas paint off a window with a razor is quick and efficient. If it’s tempered glass you might end up with a very very labor intensive job on your hands.

A hogs hair brush is a great time saver when a razor can’t be used. With fabricating debris showing up more and more on new store windows the cost of removing Christmas paint will drive it right out of fashion.

On a side note some decorative paint comes right off with soap and water. Other kinds of paint need a razor.

You used an important phrase in your question. It’s what the customer expects. If they think you’re a cheap guy for charging
extra for a few extra minutes of work then you are.

In my neck of the woods it would be rude for them to speak up and let you know they’re angry.

I treat all glass the same. I use a razor to remove the stuff. I get the waiver signed even on commercial. The paint makes a big mess that takes considerably more time to clean up. That’s why we charge more.

I see what Mike is saying…I am like Tony, if it is time consuming, by all means, I will bring it to the customers attention before I clean and charge more. If it isn’t much time involved…I have to ask myself, is 15 dollars extra worth loosing a $45 a month account? Mutiply that by 12, its $540 per year I am loosing by making my customer mad over $15.

The only times I’ve run across this it’s taken 3 times as long to clean the windows as normal because they go way overboard w/ the stuff. I let them know beforehand it’s going to cost extra and if they want to they can clean it off themselves then I’ll do the standard cleaning.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to say. Sometimes it’s extra sometimes it’s not.

I only charge when paint removal is an obvious time consuming process. There is something to be said for kind gesture and customer good will. Hopefully they’ll remember next time a sales rep from the competition comes through.


It depends on how much paint and what kind of paint. Some come off easy and some are extremely difficult to remove. Once in a while it can be a major job. Even different colors vary in how difficult they are to remove.

Fake snow might be easy or difficult. Recent snows are easier to remove than in the past. If it is high on the window it is more difficult. You would have to try it to know. If it is inside you might need to put down a tarp.

If you have to put in a lot of work to get it off, don’t you think it might be worth something extra?

Some people won’t like to pay more because they don’t like to pay more. Some will think it is easy. It is always easier when the other guy does it. Customers do tend to under estimate the job.

Expectations are two-sided, and deserve a conversation.

I disagree – that [B]may[/B] be one perspective.

Who said anything about rude or angry?!?

Merv, you got it right to the point !! Control of paint isthe deal !! I use a smal waste basket and just catch most of the paint in it !! Get a waiver signed too !! A person wonders if it’s worth it some x’s !!! A lot of sq ft !! Stan, pro window kleening and proud sorbo user

Sorry Larry but the customer’s perspective is the only one that really matters. If they think you are cheap you are! Even if you don’t agree with them.

Somebody said they don’t want a customer MAD over $15. I used the word rude because most unhappy “mad” customers, I think it is well over 90% will never tell you. They simply go away because it would be rude to tell you.

My point was that it may be the perspective of [B]one[/B] customer not [B]all[/B]. Your quote must be presented with confidence. :wink:

Are you assuming someone thinks you are cheap? Perhaps [B]they[/B] are the cheap ones… I’ve never been told that I am cheap because I don’t provide some free or discounted service.

Read some of Paul and Kevin’s posts regarding the perceived value of our services. Many times [B]we[/B] are the ones afraid to raise prices (for various reasons.)

I always charge for paint/snow removal. I let my customers know this. Also the way i get around the pricing part is this. If they have snow on inside or even water color paint on inside. I will take a couple of dollars off when i service them . Then remind them of that when pricing for removal is givin.

As for snow removal the easiest way i have found to remove snow… Dry scrape and shop vac the area before you even attempt to clean glass. Also use some soft scrub cleanser when cleaning. THat snow residue is a bitch to work with. It will get into everything


A couple of dollars won’t cover most interior removal. I think you know that.

Removing snow or paint from the inside is difficult. Doing it for free would be very generous. You cannot use a lot of water. It threatens the floors, carpets, and furniture so you have to take care and work slowly.

If they used a lot of paint, it especially takes a lot of work. Some kinds of snows leave a residue that is very hard to get off. You do not know for sure what it is until you get into it.