Cleaning Elevator Glass

We need a solution.

We were hired to clean the interior windows of an elevator shaft that’s 8 floors. They hired an elevator company to assist us with the job. We cleaned the interior of the windows by standing on the top of the elevator cab, but the water dripped down onto the outside of the elevator cab glass. Sooooo, we fixed a problem, but made another problem. My tech didn’t get an exact measurement, but did snap a picture of the gap.

Does anyone have a solution for getting a mediocre clean in a gap this small??

Seems a similar solution to this may be worth looking in to:

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This was our solution. We mopped from beneath the elevator, and used a magnet squeegee gadget.

So it actually worked? How was the quality?

Or you could put this on the end of that 4’ flat piece of wood.
Like this video check it out.

Worked great! It was the only solution, we think, that could have worked. Barely could fit a washer on a pole up there. Basically brought the car down on our guy’s head. Directed him via phone where to wash, cause he couldn’t see and water was dripping on his face. Took 2 hours for 3 cars

Good to know. I might have to pick one up then for odd situations. I know how much fun I’ve made of the videos, but hey if it works…glad it worked out for you!