Cleaning louvred windows with wfp

Have a job coming up next week that has a lot of louvres! There are also outside screens. Most of it is ladder work. Lots of cob webs/spider webs. I have the proper tools for louvres.
Is it time wasting or great to use wfp cleaning louvres.
Never cleaned them before… First time.
Need some advise. Thank you.


What are louvred windows?

Theses ugly things ! They’re all over the place here .

I tell customers , I can do I quick wipe (use a very damp towel and scrub , then dry with a dry towel) or I can take out every individual glass and detail it for a premium price( pull each glass , trow a large towel on a table and get to work. Trow one at a time in the bucket and scrub and then dry on table ). Hope this helps in cleaning process :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’ve seen those in a couple of old old buildings above the door. Those are the suck. I think they’re called “jalousie” windows. But I’ve never thought of using a wfp on them because I would think they’d leak like a sun of a gun. Then again, I didn’t know they came in such big sets either.

Good luck [MENTION=36837]Hollywood[/MENTION]!

I wouldn’t use a WFP, they have to cleaned by hand like I mention . Very time consuming . Dont rush cuz you’ll break one

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Ok thanks guys. I’ll do my best. :confused:


I’ve wfp’ed jalousies before. But each section was about 14" and they closed so that they were watertight. Came out just fine.

Same, but if they are really dirty, use a pump sprayer with DI in it and a cricket ( shutter / blind cleaner tool with dual padded sides)

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I have a tricket tool. It’s my first time using it. Hopefully it goes well.
After using a wfp on them, how do you go about cleaning the other side. Do you just wipe them with a cloth? Or still use a squeegee?


Open the louvers Use the tricket for the scrubbing of both sides w/ light soap solution. Then use pump sprayer to rinse. Most all the water should run off to outside if you tilt it right. The rest should get caught in a towel at bottom

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Here in Florida they’re called jalousie windows, there on a lot of the older homes haven’t done any myself.
I used to have a home that had them.
Be sure to take some photos for us to see while you’re working on them, post after.

They are promoted here these days as green choice of cooling ur home coz we live on the coast and there is generally a breeze they work great for green cooling methods, and yea in terms of cleaning them if they have removable external screens that’s great remove the screens and wfp the outside clean the screen and use a spray bottle with pure water for the inside use a microfibe to wet wipe and scrim to dry wipe, the outside faces should be 90% clean except the 1/4 inch that overlaps so a quick buff with the scrim and they come up perfect. i did a home on friday that had them from ceiling to floor 28 panes and the home had 8 sets of these, took 1 min to wfp the external of each set and about 5 on each inside set so 6 mins per set for $1 per louver so $28 in 6 mins it does get quite monotonous buffing glass for 45 mins tho, but after all these years of cleaning louvers i’m used to it.
here is a pic of some i do

I would add to my post a few up that at the house with jalousies that I wfp, the doors are typical where one pane overlaps the lower one slightly. The room jalousies are truly water tight as the panes actually meet each other when closed.

The panes overlap by an inch or less… you cant get to clean the overlapping sections…

so you leave dirty parts

They must have been clean windows already…

ahh right… not the louvered type then… (stepped/overlapping)

Should just read the whole thread…lmao.

Here,s what I do as I do tons of them here in Oz. I used to buff, but that gets tiring if you have a house filled with them. Clean the inside first with a microfibre dunked in your solution and wrung out so not dripping wet. Wipe the inside and squeegee off (remove 8 inch channel from handle). There should be little if any drips. You get a rythem going after awhile. Then wipe the overlap of the outside that gets covered when you close them. Close them after you finished this step and go on to the next one. When you are all finished inside, go to the outsides, remove screens if any, and WFP making sure the water pressure is not blasting. Rinse downwards and leave to dry. The water will suck up into the overlap, but just leave it to dry as it is already clean and will dry clear. I hope this makes sense. This system is fast once you get the hang of it. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck

Where abouts in Aus are you from?
How much do you charge for each slat louvre? Depending on the length…


I live on the Mornington Peninsula in Mt. Martha in Victoria. I don’t charge by the louvre. I work it into my price for the job to achieve the hourly rate I desire for the job. Make sense?

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I use to live in Melb but moved out to Northern NSW… Byron Bay.
Thanks heaps for Your info as well as everyone else who has posted such great info.
Much appreciated.


Awesome. Great place. How’s the window cleaning market compared to Melb. Whenever we holiday to the Gold Coast, I think how great it would be to start a business there. Such a great climate and surf.

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