Cleaning Windows With Windshield Washer Fluid?!?!

Have any of you ever done this? It works well, except most brands of windshield washer fluid are highly toxic and not very environmentally friendly. What I do like about it is that is soap free! It cleans the glass very nicely and does not leave streaks or film like some of the soap does.

Does anyone know of a great window cleaning solution similar that may not be as toxic? Perhaps a chemical that is not as soapy as many of the other products I have used.


Glass Gleam 3 & 4 is world famous by now. Ecover works well too.

I mix them half and half.

I mix them also . Save the wwf for when the weather gets into the 20s’, Could use a little of that right now this heat is killing me.

It’s cheaper to add alcohol to your mix and you won’t stain anything blue.

Two for me one for the bucket!!!

I never really stained anything blue I don’t think. I used alcohol once in all my years that stuff stinks knocked me off my feet. The winters
have been getting milder and mild (knock wood) havn’t really used that much blue in the past few years :cool: When it gets below 20 I go home;)

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I hear ya, whatever works.

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Yes I use bug remover windshield washer fluid + zep window cleaning concentrate ( not sure if its a green product) and Rain x. I make a mixture of the three. Awesome results!

Just curious have you ever used anything different

What is your dilution? Can I mix with water?

[COLOR=#a52a2a][SIZE=3]To answer these 2 questions…

[I][B][SIZE=3][COLOR=#a52a2a]Now that don’t mean Ecover isn’t as good or better…But TSP is way better than and not toxic as windshield washer fluid…



Hey Dave, couldn’t agree with you more. How ya doin’?

Doin good Dale …and you ?


Fair to middlin’, learning to deal with a brother passing.

Ooof no windshield fluid here.

I’d rather not be exposed to those chemicals day in and day out

(as I light another smoke)

I’ve used dish soaps in the beginning or Zep alone. I’ve sincere changed up a bit and started using unger solution as my base. I’ve begun to use a secret ingredient that Is so freakin awesome that I no longer worry about streaks.

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I will admit it is harsh on the hands. However I use latex surgical gloves under my others for added protection. I have had no problems since.

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What did you just get out of jail ?:confused:

Don’t hate. It works really awesome

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We all know Already pure water with a wfp