Contest! Want $200 of free stuff?

I’ve got something fun for all you guys here on WCR, and that I believe will help you to learn some really valuable marketing lessons.

I would like to open up the opportunity for every WCR member that hasn’t already received a copy of my book to win one for free, along with a FREE premier issue of my brand-new monthly window cleaning marketing newsletter publication - the 39-page January 2009 Issue.

That’s about $200 worth of free stuff for the winner.

Here’s the challenge:

[SIZE=“5”][B]How would you market to Chris?[/B][/SIZE]

We’ve learned a lot about our hard-working and generous WCR hosts, Chris & Alex, over these past 13 months or so, and this forum is littered with some very interesting information about them, their likes, dislikes, and life in general.

As you know, the key to powerful marketing is understanding what makes people tick, and speaking to them in a way that is more personal and more motivating than any of your competitors, and that will move them to give you their hard-earned money.

So…let’s say that YOU live in New Jersey, where Chris & Alex live, and Chris has called you up looking for an estimate for Exterior window cleaning at his shop, and that he would like a recurring monthly Exterior window cleaning service, moving forward.

Let’s also say that somehow you’ve managed to gain access to all the information on this board about him.

What would you send him as an offer and estimate proposal?

If you’d like a shot at receiving $200 of my stuff for free, then please submit your entry by simply uploading it, and posting it on this thread in JPG format.

In one week (on Dec 8th), I’ll pick the top 3 entries, and then you guys can vote on which one should be the winner.


[SIZE=“5”][B]Why I am doing this: [/B][/SIZE]

So many of us are crazy-hard-working men and women that are awesome at window cleaning, but not so awesome with the marketing stuff. The first step to getting awesome at the marketing, is to start TRYING.

If you’d like about $200 of marketing education for free, then give it a whirl!

[I]Someone’s gonna win…why not YOU?[/I]

I took down my post since I posted a residential proposal instead of commercial. I posted before reading all the criteria!

Residential or commercial accepted.

We can pretend its for either.

[SIZE=“4”]Here’s the invoice he can expect[/SIZE]

That’s great Brennon - what program did you use to put it all together?

I think is a great idea Kevin but I believe that the entries to such a contest are usually held in private so as not to influence the latter entries and reduce plagiarism.

Second, I wonder if Chris should not be the one to choose the winner since it is him we are marketing to and no one knows Chris like Chris himself.

other than that, great idea.

Here is my entry:Chris_Estimate.pdf (219 KB)

I wear a red shirt. I’ll do em for free.

Or, I’ll have Vinnie kick your a**.

Thanks Karlos. I use the same program Kevin uses, Photoshop Elements 5. It can be found for $35 and is by far the best piece of software I’ve ever bought. Now that it’s set up it takes just a few minutes to change the variables.

That’s HOT!

Yeah, I hear you, and I was torn. I just wanted to keep the enthusiasm up, and give people a chance to feed off of each other.

What’s interesting already is that what I am seeing is not what I was expecting. Seeing other designs doesn’t necessarily help you, in other words.

And I will be glad to yield the final decision to Chris, great idea!

I also promise not to comment specifically on the value or merits of any submission until the contest is over.

Of course, beer is not the only thing Chris likes. I believe he also has a good sense of humor. That’s why I think he’d like this.

Steve’s is AWESOME!!!

Thanks Brennon. Of course I have never sent anything quite like it out, but hey, this is just marketing to one certain individual. I already see a change I would like to make but ah well, it’s already submitted.


This contest is heating up…keep em comin’

wow these are all really good! I need to learn photoshop!

Amen, Doug.

You can, too, don’t be intimidated. It’s very intuitive.

Great thread!

If I may, I’d like to sweeten the pot.

The winner will also win a [B]one hour FREE phone consultation with me[/B], to help you with your local window cleaning marketplace.