Contest! Want $200 of free stuff?

I’d love one hour with you Kev…lol


Kevin is under my protection. You’ll need to make an appointment with my people first. And, even then, I’ll be right outside.

Is that Italian, Russian, Albanian, or Japanese style protection Phil?:stuck_out_tongue:

Being a Hungarian, Romanian, and Irish Scot, I require a lot of protection…

I am not at liberty to expose my people.

As you say, Don Ruthvin.:wink:

Misspell my name again and YOU get a count down ticking clock.



My most sincere apologies Don Ruthven! It was merely a typo. Please may I keep my kneecaps?!:wink:

In fact, I am also Scottish…we have a ‘klan’ rather than ‘family’.

When we get mad, we pay someone to **** in the beer. or pull off the Kilt.

You guys should see me when some one pulled my kilt off.

Nothing but muscle. It is all disguised as fat and hair.

[SIZE=“5”]More prize info:[/SIZE]

I mentioned that I’ll be giving away a FREE premier issue of the monthly “Dossier” publication that has been in the works for almost a year now.

Some have been asking me about it, so here’s a little video I made, to explain the nature of this part of the prize…

I see why you have all your estimates and everything computer generated now Kevin. It’s like you write with a clinched fist. :slight_smile:


I can write pretty, too, Micah…I just wanted to make sure that everyone could read my little sign…

Don’t make me prove it

Kevin, is this guy bothering you?

I might have some issues regarding penmanship, yes…

It all started in Grade 3…

Who won!

No one yet. Kevin is the judge and he will be away for a few days.

Kevin is going to pick what he feels Chris would pick? I demand a recount! :smiley:

Is this contest judged on creativity or practicallity?.. I hope at least accuracy since most people created residential pieces :confused:

whoops, just noticed the part where Kevin gave the ok for residential. Carry on :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, late on this one…I’m gonna print them all out right now, and begin the final judging.