Costco window pricing help

There is 68 fixed windows counting both sides they want a monthly bid. There is 552 garage windows counting both sides they want a quote on monthly with the garage windows. So its one quote fixed windows and one quote everything on a monthly frequency. I really want this because I need more reoccurring income in my business but I also don’t want to get it just to get it and hate showing up every month. Also I am about 85% residential and have an exact pricing system with commercial I worry more about competition and get in my own head and I really don’t have a fixed window cost and stuff can be hard to predict how long it takes.

Estimate how long it would take you, calculate what you want to get per hour and voila. Don’t worry about ‘competition’, price it your way.

Just know, if something happens like illness or vacation, they’ll still expect you to show up every darn month. Also know the manager won’t be paying you at time of service, you’ll have to jump through hoops, get signatures, make a call to a third party maintenance company and wait weeks to get the check.

No 3rd party maintenence & I like that it is monthly. Whats weird is if at $3 a window or $1.50 per side which is nothing its $942 which they are never going to pay. So then I look time wise I think where the money can be made is blowing through the garage doors with the waterfed pole. But the inside of the garage windows and both sides of the fixed windows will have to be done traditional. Also when the weather is colder those garage windows are not gonna dry as fast which will create drip time and slow me down I’m having troubles estimating my time.

I’m very biased. Ten years ago I was approached to clean all windows in a Lowes. The entryways were stuffed with spider webs, dirt and general fallout. The sliding doors came off the tracks and they wanted the inside of that garden center peak done, bird guano and all.

Price after four hours? $250. I feel physically ill just thinking about it now.

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Charge extra the first time , commercial properties are notorious for hanging the carrot in front of you by telling you they want it done monthly.
I would just just quote like a residential , don’t over think it .

I made it clear my proce is bsed on frequency and the quote comes with price changes if frequency is altered

Nobody gave me a price lol I can se none of you know how to quote this either

I won’t assume this , each store averages 13 million in sales monthly .

I would be at 1250 first service , then 950 afterwards.

If they come back at you with only the fixed panes , tell them your resi minimum. Present your bid with confidence , and if they don’t bite don’t sweat it man

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How did you get to that if you dont mind

Do what you like, but if you price it low you won’t like anymore.

552+68 panes = 620 x $2.50 ea = $1,550 first clean.
552+68 panes = 620 x $2.00 ea = $1,240 after that.

Even then you may find that the job sucks and should have charged more!
It could just be a manager got a budget to tidy the place up and you are one of his thoughts.

Also have a quote prepared for just entryway windows and doors that customers actually look at. Understand many of these folks don’t place a big value on window cleaning. I had a grocery store in/out that the manager decided the help could do it as they were already on payroll. SSS - smears, streaks, smudges. LOL

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I got a different vibe from the lack of numbers; less ‘no one knows how’, more ‘no one WANTS it’. Stores in general have been a pain in my experience, especially large corporate ones with HEAVY foot traffic.
Heavy effort to bid.
Slow payment process.
Indistinct “boss,” you may be good with one, then his/her boss overrules and you went through the effort for nothing.
Working around hundreds of pedestrian’s adds a “frogger” type contribution that I find very undesirable.
And all of that going on while you could roll through a couple resi’s, collect your hardware and go home.

But, it may be that there are quite a few folks who feel that way, which might just increase your odds :man_shrugging:t3:

I’d be at $1,200 first time give or take $100, then $200-300 off that recurring. Like @Garry thought of additional piecemealed quotes at the ready if they balk at the whole package. Good recommendation.


Heavy foot traffic they are having me do the windows if they hire me before store hours.

Agree, most of us on this forum are more residential drive. but let’s not forget there lots of companies that are storefront -commercial driven also that are not here .

So what’s the update ?

Went elsewhere lol

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Dodged a bullet.

I am a 5 star company, I submit bids on the customer factor with pictures of my work, insurance, W9 and references. Very nice wrapped van, website and uniform, very personable and sent email quote confirmation over. I lost to a guy in a tshirt, 2 wheel drive unmarked truck that smells like ciggarets and sends bids off of word. My employees dad works at Costco and he confirmed it was because I was more expensive.

I wish I would of saw this earlier. I got a cal from Walmart same type of set up. I went there for the hell of it . I looked at all the glass and said they will never pay. So I Didn’t even bother submitting a bid.
These numbers put forth here are way to high and they would never ever pay it. They want cheap
Just to much glass to do for nothing . It wasn’t an easy set up to do , we need to get paid for this, and they won’t pay . So let them get the desperate guy .
Sounds like they got what they were looking for :rofl: