Country Club Dress Code

The country club I am currently cleaning states on it’s webiste that jeans (of any color!) are prohibited as well as any shirt without a collar… also, no cargo shorts or shorts period in the evening… and no hats.

Do any of you work in places like that and if so, how do you handle the dress code?

A) Do you dress up a little,
B) About the same… or
C) a little worse (old rock n’ roll T-shirts and unshaven) - just to show 'em that they can’t tame this stallion.

Wear your uniform and be a professional.

You’re a contractor, the dress code shouldn’t apply. Just look professional, you’re there for business not pleasure ya know.

That’s what I would do at least

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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I wear cargo shorts suffed with magic erasers and steel wool, a polo shirt, and 5 year old, very weathered redsox cap. I have been pretty consistent with my goal to shave everyday. I know, I know mid-thirties and still doesn’t want to man up and peel my face off every day with a sharp razor.

I figure, I’m okay because I dress at or above the other contractors on the job site (the hotel is set to open in 2 weeks so there are a lot of peopl ein and out right now) but it just seems sort of strange to me that strict of dress standards. No cargo shorts? I just don’t know if I can feel good about a place that bans cargo shorts hahahah

I feel ya man! I never put things in cargo shorts, I wear khaki cargo shorts or khaki dickies shorts in the summer… My belt has plenty of room for everything I’ll need on the job site thankfully

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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I do five clubs that have dress codes like that. I put on the nice sales blue polo, and comb my hair. To some at “The Club”, the look is more important than the work. Even with my clean, pressed work T-shirt with logo and number on it(its a plain running type shirt from Target). It felt like I was getting the evil eye. Now I try to blend in a bit. Can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve scored off those clubs.

If I were you polo shirt, clean shorts (maybe new golf cargo are good too) and a cleaner hat, might buy one from their pro shop. If you’re doing the inside you may have to take the hat off in the dinning room. So comb the hair.

They aren’t expecting you to be all hoity toity, but just not you crawled out from underneath a rock and a total schlep.

But I think you already no all this anyways :wink:

dress like a member . . .

when in rome and all that, impress with your ‘caliber’

I enjoy a uniform unlike one would typically expect

I always wear a white button-up collared shirt with blue accents with dark pants or shorts (so BOAB spills are less visible) with black adidas shoes. You never know when you’re going to run into a potential client, so I try to keep it appropriately professional. I also spend a good bit of time downtown on the same strip, so I try to wear a rotation of the same clothing for recognition.

funny you mention the country club. I upgraded my uniform 2 years ago to not only be professional looking but to enter into the arena of classy and what I came up with was a wardrobe that most golfers wear.

shoes= perry ellis athletic shoes

shirt= dry-fit collard with logo (these are the silky looking material just like the ones golfers wear, not cotton material)

shorts= nike golf shorts (these are also breath through and stretchy so when bending over it allows for flexibililty)

I would fit right in if I had a country club as a client. I do have several high-end fashion stores and they love my look.


What does your winter uniform look like…if you are in a cold winter environment?

summer year round bro

I actually buy the long pant nike golfs ($80 a pair) and hemm it knee length to look like capris, much more better looking then shorts that come above the knee or mid knee.

Lucky you!

My usual uniform is a nice brand polo shirt that I buy in bulk from scouring local thrift stores - same with the cargos.

I always buy the best shoes though, because I am on my feet all day and up and down hard metal ladders.
Lately, I have been wearing keen boots which fit my feet great because they are wide.

My sticking point is my hat. For some sick reason I like to wear just 1 hat until it practically disentigrates. I am a lucky hat kind of guy.

I need to up the ante and order a really nice hat emroidered with my company logo. Anyone know of a good company to go with?


Navy is a great color for window cleaning. Dark blues indicate trustworthiness and they hide dirt well.

Do those shoes wipe clean easily? I tend to go with dark shoes because they hide dirt so well. My keens are brown natural looking leather - actually the exasct same color as dirt. I have to remember to clean them because they never look dirty.

My winter season uniform looks very similar to this…

LMAO Art!! One of my favorite movies, and thats me too during the winter never seem to have the right amount of layers.

In the winter I pull my hoodie hood up.

I find this to be the most effective at golf clubs.


LMAO :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Def. Go GQ when you go…Nice Land

If you take off the hat and land a bunch of CC houses then would that prove the hat was unlucky?

Just go to your nearest mall and someone could embroider it for you while you wait. :wink:

To quote The Tick: “Destiny dressed you this morning my friend, and now Fear is trying to pull off your pants. If you give up, if you give in, you’re gonna end up naked with Fear just standing there laughing at you…”