COVID-19/Corona Virus

Kind of curious if anyone is seeing effects in consumer habits locally or if it’s just business as usual? We weren’t in business for the last big health scare, was there an impact in the window cleaning community? Do you anticipate one for COVID-19?

Here in Michigan there hasn’t been a confirmed case yet, so we’re just moving right along, but there does seem to be a tension building. Owners on our business route seem concerned.
Our Walmart is out of N95 masks, rubber gloves, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer ect. I actually only noticed when I went to buy nitrile to put over our winter gloves, only one box left on the shelf.

I’m also curious how tensions are in parts of the country/world with higher infection rates?

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I am in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. We apparently have 20 confirmed cases.

Who cares.

Business as usual. Zero impact to our income. And, we are on a new push to canvass and expand before the coming Spring. The phones are already ringing!!!

So far business as usual here in St. Petersburg Florida and we have two cases reported in Hillsborough County and Manatee County, both just the other side of the bridge.

I bet, that if you canvassed more to make up for any supposed loss, that you will be just fine, and in fact have built up enough momentum to be ahead of the competition when things normalize.

View things like this the way you do the seasons.

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Calls have slowed down a bit this week , but I think it’s due to some rain in the forecast next week .


Some are taking advantage and using their softwash set-ups to advertise playground and bleacher disinfecting… ahead of the game…



My new marketing strategy: “You have some pesky glass lickers? We now use quaternary ammonia in our window cleaning solution, 99.9% effective at killing corona virus!”

exactly. Folks in Las Vegas are more concerned about the potential for rain anytime this year.


At this point I’m worried about the panic caused by the virus than the virus itself. The shortage of hand sanitizer and hand soap is making people act foolishly.

I’m a bit concerned about the possibility of an extended shutdown / quarantine during the busy season though, not to mention during an election year as well.


My hands are in antibacterial Dawn soap for 8-10 hours a day. That has to help out compared to say someone in an office. Maybe once or twice a year I come down with something but nothing to take me out of work. Usually a cold. Aside from the occasional 24-hour stomach bug…(I’m looking at you, italian calzone!) I have been very fortunate. The soap is the only thing I can think of…and plenty of Vitamin D from the sun while working. (Knocks on wood) Famous last words.

I used to work at a supermarket for about 8 years, I go in now and talk to the old timers still there-- “Good for business”-- I bet!!! LOL hand sanitizer can’t stay on the shelf…

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I found this helpful for perspective

Here in Australia people are panic buying all the toilet paper, the shops are all empty of toilet paper plus any form of tissues and hand sanitizer and now flour and rice etc, people are engaging in punch ups in the supermarkets and stealing toilet paper, middle aged women are punching and slapping each other and even elderly are punching on with each other-pure madness

Antibacterial isn’t anti viral…just sayin’


the one I was trippin’ on was the bird flu! If that would’ve spread? Everyone was screwed.


Came across this, Johns Hopkins University is tracking the COVID-19 spread in real-time on an interactive dashboard to model the spread of the virus. Kind of interesting to see the comparative numbers; looks like a couple countries out there are having a lot worse go of it than the U.S.

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Not buying into the fear mongering re: covid19. Interesting data out there suggesting there is much more associated (economically, politically, socially) w/ this “pandemic” than we are honestly being told. It’s going to be a hot Spring/Summer. Nice try China…but eat a D


finally a reason to visit Russia and Central Afika!