Custom Tool Belts


Kenny, I use an Unger BOAB to hold 18" and 14" squeegees and have a single squeegee holster on my belt for a 6" squeegee.

I don’t know which BOAB it is that you had but the Unger is no problem at all to me whereas the Pulex BOAB that I have is unusable because it hangs so low and swings around

I use to use the blue BOAB thats made by Pulex. Cant believe that window cleaners still buy this model. Squeegees fall out of it all the time and the thing hangs so low that its bustin you in the knee all day long. My unger boab rocks and it also has a piviting rivit type thing that lets the Boab tilt if you need to squat to clean those basements or storm glass you stack up. As for the 5 gallon bucket and the weight- dont be so hard on yourself. Pour some of that into one of those rectangle buckets and use it that way. It will be easier and you always have a fresh supply of cleaning solution when you need to dump and get it refilled. Just some things I use and do

You should see batman’s belt. I think Tony has pics of on the board somewhere. Personally I use the unger belt system with a Pulex BOAB. I will swap out some of the pouches on the Unger belt depending on what I need.

[e swivel strip washer and my small Ettore pocket scraper[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]The [B]Ettore pouch[/B] (over right hip pocket) holds my 20 oz. rubbermaid solution bottle and a white scrubby in the big pocket the smaller pocket holds my [B]Rock Island[/B] sea sponge. so it’s nice and handy. In homes I prefer [B]steel wool[/B] over the white scrubby. [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I like Ettore’s pouch because it’s small and not to bulky inside a home. [/FONT][/COLOR]

Here’s my set up.

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Got to love those pictures Tony. I was thinking about your set up pictures as I typed and typed. :smiley:

How do you like that scraper holder?

I love it! No need to hassle w/ a cap for the scraper and easy to remove and replace the scraper. As a caution - I use the angled MK3 and have had no problems. Guys who used the straight MK3 say they have broken their holster in a couple of months.


It will hold 3 squeegees and I also have a white scrub pad in there along the side. It does a better job than any other holster I’ve used. Plus it keeps the squeegee from dripping on the floor in between windows.

You mean the ‘Bucket Pouch’?
It’s from Winspray and last I heard is discontinued.

I have a couple of them.


sweet belt setup you have there Tony !

Tony what is that little “O” ring thing that you have on your belt that you clipped your carabiner w/ the brushes to? And where did you get that?

Brett - Thanks

Brian - it’s a holder for a small flashlight. I got it from a company I worked for years ago when I did sanitation for a large cookie/cracker factory.

my belt / actually iv now got rid of the bag . the bent out bit on the boab is to carry a wet rag ,for frames


[B]Kenny: We don’t mention those two folks here, okay?[/B]