Customer Feedback Form

Here is a form I made up earlier today. After searching the net for ideas about getting testimonials, I created this feedback form. I think it has what I need to get great testimonials from people in a way that is un-obtrusive while steering their comments to be specific and personal (as opposed to generic). Also, I could use it for market research but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

What do you think?
What else should I add?
Is it worded well?

plain brilliant , and thanks for sharing .

no problem in modifying it and use it ?

thanks again

EDIT: How do you think this would work better ? giving the customer a pre-stamped envelope with your return address or just leave it there and wait ?
I think that the first will work best, and for the cost of 1 stamp for each job is worth trying.
Very subtle way to get feedback, not pushy, you get comments in the areas that YOU want, and best of all, the possibility of having a important amount of request to update your website with them or just created a testimonials page :slight_smile:

Thanks for the complement! I almost feared that there was already a thread somewhere that I didn’t find when I searched for one and this would have been redundant. As far as using it yourself and modifying, I planned on uploading the doc after criticisms and suggestions but will now if you wish.

I havent thought that far ahead yet. I made it up this afternoon and gave it to 2 clients to pick up later. I guess it would be a good idea to carry a bunch of pre-adressed envelopes around with some stamps.

Here is the document as well as one with a black and white logo. I reduced the font size but it may still be to big (I havent printed out yet to see.) Modify and change it all you want but please post so we all can learn. What other ‘market research’ questions would be good to include at the bottom?Customer Feedback From.doc (27.5 KB)Customer Feedback From w test logo.doc (70 KB)

hmmm, You ask the question- “[B]in what ways have I exceeded your expectations and/or fallin short of them[/B]”

What if neither apply? what if their expectations are very low or very high? what if they did not expect much and you gave them that? I doubt you will get honest answers from those unhappy.

I would kill that question and ask-

-What would you like to see changed?
-What would you like to see added?
-Would you refer me to a friend?
-Would you list the first name and phone number of friends that you feel would benefit from my service?

Always try to sell them when contacting them. Throw in a coupon for their next cleaning if they answer the questions. Give them incentive to refer you to friends. Remember, even if they liked your service they may never use you again… push it.

otherwise it is not bad. I give you major props for doing this.

I would say definitely leave a pre stamped envelope.

I used to do these. I’m afraid it didn’t do much for the customer or me. I’ll have to dig them out one day! I always got the impression it was a big inconvenience for them.

I also tried to dig out some info with mine. Like “who was your last window cleaner & what made you choose me.” “What made you stop using your last window cleaning service.” “Would you recommend my service to other people” & “Would you use my service again” I think I had around 12 questions.

IMO they are not at all needed if you work alone… You know yourself… I think they are mostly to police employees.

We do these in addition to follow up calls on every job… We have these hooked up so people can send them in anonymously… they are much more likely to speak there mind that way.

Mine were just a probe really, to see what sort of standard & ability I was up against. I think I also stuck in something about discount s with referrals. Those were the days… :wink:

Great idea, I like it.

I’m gonna use a stamped, self-addressed postcard myself, for the same purpose. Just a little behind in the implementation department.

I think that I agree that you must incentivize it (which will subconsciously push their feedback to be more positive), and also make it FAST and EASY.

Wouldn’t you prefer their feedback to be genuine and not influenced by an incentive? Genuine feedback is what will allow one to continually improve ones business.

Certainly the incentive should be the call to action to respond.

The way I see this, honestly, is mostly a way to gather information for testimonial purposes, and to keep in file to take a look at it next time we service that customer. Not looking for feedback on how we did it or what to improve, as was already mentioned, you know your employees, your method and yourself .
just being 100% honest here

I would steer away from asking too similar of questions. This just annoys the customer.
Questions I ask on my surveys: Can we use you as a reference? Can we take photos of your home and use them on our website? Can we quote your survey answers on our site?
…Although these questions are very useful, my main reason for distributing surveys is for testimonial use. Testimonials are very strong motivators. IMO, testimonials are the next best thing to being referred by a friend. That’s why they are on my site’s home page… Some people call this sales technique the “Jones Effect”. [I]Everybody else is doing it, why shouldn’t I?[/I]
I give my surveys to the customers who I know fancy me. I give it to them 10 minutes before I’m finished cleaning so that it will be done by the time I’m done.

This is the Primary reason I made up this form - I would say that 75% of its purpose is to gather effective testimonials from clients that I already know love me:p. I know because they tell me so in some way or another.:smiley:
Here is the article that inspired me to make it: Using Customer Testimonials | ZenBusiness Inc
Heres is the jist of qualities of an effective testimonial it lists:

  1. Believable.
  2. To the point.
  3. Natural.
  4. Detailed.
  5. Include the customer’s name and where they live.
  6. Placed next to relevant points in your sales letter.

I worded the question, not necessarily to “lead” them in to positve responses but to get them thinking in the ways listed ^above^. As for the other 25%, I am open to critisism and suggestions on how I can please them better - so can begin to look for these with this form. I also want to convey that I really am interested in their happiness as a satisfied customer. I dont really know if it would be effective at gathering survey information though - it was just a thought. I would only ask very simple questions that they can circle an answer to. (the ‘green’ question was the only thing I could think of) I also will probably add something that lets them know there is no pressure or expectation that they have to fill everything out and that it is just to help me serve them and others better. (not sure how to word it yet)

Thank you all for your :pFeedback:p

Ahh, ‘Jone’s Effect’ - so it has a name! do you happen to have one of your surveys that I (or we) can see?

I wouldn’t call it a survey then.

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