Dawn vs other product

What cleaning solutions do you guys use?

Dawn works fine.


Some windows, dawn doesn’t get them clean.

What types of windows can’t you get clean using dawn?


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Soap wars season 212 starts now!! Get your popcorn!!

Oh and DAWN!! With pure water!!



Just trying to help a fellow window cleaner figure out his working process.


I didn’t start or instigate anything >;) I just found a bottle and squirted… it was pre loaded with ammo.


ecover, vinegar 50/50

Waxie Liquid Squeegee with a bit of Trisodiom Phospate (TSP).

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We have washing up liquid from the brand Zack, non-concentrated and it works pretty well actually.

As @wcs mentioned, Dawn should work fine. Many of us have tried different soaps over the years. You just have to find what works best for you.


You can use just about anything you want. Any liquid surfactant will do the same job with proper agitation. Some have slightly different properties that people prefer for one reason or another.

Dish soap is great as an all-in-one solution. Great glide, cleans well enough, and Dawn is easy to dry detail where some soaps I have tried (like Myers) require re-wetting the pane if you miss a nick and the solution dries on the glass. The one thing you will hear people say, and it is true - windows cleaned with dish soap do not stay clean as long as windows cleaned with Glass Gleam.

Glass Gleam (3 and 4) When mixed at the recommended concentration levels do a fine job of cleaning glass, though perhaps not as expediently as dish soap when grease/oil is present (fingerprints from filthy children, tobacco grime in bar windows, etc.) Glide is adequate, but again, not as good as dish soap. HOWEVER, the Titan labs products do keep windows looking better for longer after you leave. Dish soap I’d say will give you 2-3 months before the glass really looks grody again. Glass Gleam will yield a clean look that endures an extra month or more. Some will claim that windows “sparkle more” right after a cleaning with Glass Gleam too. Glass Gleam 4 has a wetting agent that helps when washing in direct sunlight.

Vinegar works best as an additive, IMO, if you are in an especially humid climate and you want to avoid a yucky mildew smell in your strip washers, but don’t want to launder them every day.

Alcohol is added to keep your bucket water from freezing.

There is also a product called Glisten that is basically the same as Glass Gleam 4 from what I’ve seen.


This one has me curious too.


As long as it gets the glass clean who cares

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Cocktails. Dawn with some ammonia…my eye thinks ammonia makes glass even more sparkly; I add some isopropyl alcohol to help evaporation. Have fun, experiment, mix it up…float, evaporation, sparkle, I think it all varies. No ammonia on films, of course, it will cloud them. But, some of my clients LOVE to put scotch tape with little signs, then let me worry about getting the scotch tape off window film. I finger smear some goo-gone on the film, use a 1 inch new blade in my hand, sneak under tape, lift, and pull off tidbit. Follow up with non ammonia window cleaner. Bam! Perfect window film. I’ll also share that I love Glass Plus. Have used it for 30 years. It’s cheap, is a nice additive, is very versatile and leaves fantastic sparkle. Will also pour some of that in my window cocktail. Cheers. My little contribution to the soap wars, chapter 297. :yum:


1/3 Dawn 1/3 glass gleem 4 1/3 simple green

Dish soap is not designed to be streak free on glass unless rinsed very thoroughly. OK for knives, forks and dishes but leaves a residue on glass (try on a wine glass in the sink with a quick rinse only.). Residue also builds up on glass over time. Soap in the bucket does not give enough slip. Best use Unger Gel or Ettore Squeegee Off directly on your applicator.

Agreed! I’ve noticed that the windows always resoil quicker on my storefront routes when I use dawn but I have to ask … is that a bad thing? :sunglasses:


A quick rinse, no. That is why we squeegee all of the cleaner off the window and detail the edges.

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Dawn. If I need something special I add one eye of newt and maybe a toenail from a male jackalope. Ammonia seems silly imo.

Oh and gg4 for hot days or residential.

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