Everyone I’ve talked to swears by it. And seems like even some of the window cleaning distributors sell it as well.

I used Joy for a very long time…worked OK.
I tried using the Costco brand(Kirkland) eco friendly, bio degradable, green dish soap. And I like it, slips good.

Now I’m trying out Dawn right now, and its a pain in the ass. Squeegee keeps jumping. I know I put plenty of soap. It’s slowing me down on this job because I have to keep detailing more than I used to.

Anyone have similar issues? Or did I grab the wrong kind of dawn???

There’s only the blue coloured kind for me. I’ve noticed pulex rubber skips more on it than ettore rubber does.

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I’ve tried it with Ettore rubber and I use Black Diamond daily, both work really well with Dawn. I use the blue kind, ‘ultra’. Make sure you have enough water, if not then results are bad. I’m not sure about other soaps but Dawn works very well with a lot of water.

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I’d also say that if you mix too rich of a ratio (too much soap) Any missed spots will turn grey when dry. So don’t miss.


I’d venture to say it’s just different than what you usually use. I learned with Dawn, so the times I have tried other brands, it didn’t work as well. Whatever you get the best result with is the best soap.

If you go the dish soap route there are plenty of other brands and most, if not all, will work just fine. If Dawn doesn’t work for you then don’t force the issue. Try a bunch of different soaps in a controlled environment like your home to see if any one suits your preference better.

Also have you tried TSP? If slip is your thing, there’s nothing I’ve found to glide better.


I’d buy a little bit bigger bottle than that but when that one is gone (tomorrow) It will fit in a belt pouch really well as a squirt bottle.

That much soap will last someone awhile.

I’ve been carry a small 16oz bottle of solution for awhile… :wink:
It very convenient.

same stuff I use

Thanks for the feedback guys.
Much appreciated!
I guess I’ll stick to that Costco eco friendly soap.
Trying to rebrand the company towards the eco/green/environmentally friendly route.

Green products only, minimal use of water, and e-billing. No more paper invoices.

Customer feedback has been great.

Gonna try and re do our logo with a green color when the rebranding happens

Dawn is quite eco friendly. They even clean the animals stuck in oil spills with it.


Not to play the pedant here, but almost every dish soap is eco-friendly compared to crude oil, and almost every one will clean oil off animals and whatever else it’s stuck to. The reason is that soap displays amphiphilic behavior, or simply put it “likes” both polar molecules (like water) as well as oil molecules (like kitchen grease). Since it is designed to release oil and other crud from dishes and pans by bridging the gap between oil and water (which we all know do not mix on their own) it’s only a short leap of logic to understand why it would also capably remove crude oil from the downy fluff of all those cute little birds.

I’m not saying Dawn isn’t good stuff, just that the brand is sometimes surrounded by a near-superstition regarding its effectiveness.


Dawn, vinegar and windex👍🏻

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At the company I started with we used Joy and Vinegar

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I like Dawn. Mine has a picture of a baby seal on it. I think the baby seal gives it more slip.




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I don’t. I think they’re perfect the way they are. Do you? If so, why?