DI Resin Cost?

How much does it cost you to recharge your resin???
I talked to the manager at Culligan and he said $50 a recharge with a 2-3 day wait…is that right? I told him a 1/2 cubic foot.

What do you pay for recharge???

I’m starting to get these kind of homes and a WFP system is needed to make things go faster.
I want an RO, but $$$ ouch!

so Chris, I guess I’ll be calling you soon.

Matt those prices are actually pretty good. Here in NJ its almost $175 for a recharge.

When you are ready for a pole and or a system definitely let me know. We will hook you up right… and with the best prices of course.

I pay $40.00 for a 1 cubic feet, plus next day delivery or i can pick up the same day…

Should I just get 1 cubic ft to last longer, or 1/2??? What the difference to recharge 1ft vs, 1/2…I know of course size!

Do you have a tank yet?

I would say go with the full cube.

bro, I called you!
Check your voice mall

I want it to last longer. I have a way of doing RO, but how to control it through the poll? I have a missionary buddy that distributes RO water purifiers to poor countries, and I could talk to him…but it’s still $$$.

I just hit you back and left a message… Sorry I was on the WCR hotline when you called.

Gimme a ring back when you get a chance.

I have a 45’ carbon fiber for sale if you are interested, its only 3 months old

Why are you selling it?
How much?

i just bought the new gaerdnier sl-x 25’ pole

it comes with 2 brushes(hoggs hair and a yellow residential brush) also and 100’ of pole hose. It has a 18" deep reach gooseneck.

i will sell it for $1600 includes free shipping

msrp of that pole is $1850.00(does not include shipping Nor the 18" goosneck)


Carbon fiber is the only way to go my friend,

you have to spend money to make money

Craig and Troy have been using Tucker poles for how many years?

BTW, those XTEL FG poles (sold here and by Shawn) appear to be terrific values on the basis of price and weight (I realize that there is a compromise on rigidity at height):

Missionary buddy?

That is true, but when you only have a little you have to make smaller steps at first.

It’s called Air Mobile Ministries, Google it. They travel around and give water purifiers to people that have bad water.
It’s my surfing buddy Christian and his Father that run it.

And yet you spend “nothing” on advertising, but make so much money.
Your theory confuses me.

Tucker Poles suck…

Put it on the credit card…LOL/// i have a 35’ Tucker pole for sale too, only $200.00

I hate using credit. Cash is king.