Discount for volume?

Do most reduce their price per pane based on a large number of windows on a home. For example, on a 30 window pane home someone may charge $5/pane. On a 100 pane home would you drop to $4/pane for example, provide some sort of discount for volume at one location? I am talking regular window panes, not french cut ups or anything out of the ordinary.

No, my quality will not change. I do however give senior citizen and fellow veteran discounts.

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It is tempting when you add all the windows up and the bid gets pretty pricy. But you are in business to make money. The grocery store doesn’t care if buy one gallon of milk or 12 gallons of milk. The price per gallon remains the same. Sure it can be different when some clients are window rich and clean poor, so you can alter your price down if it works for you. First clean and it tends to bite you in the a$$ though. I offer regular quarterly maintenance at a discount and explain the benefits of keeping their windows maintained. If they choose to use my services every couple of years or price shop everytime they need their windows cleaned tells me I should have charged full price. I have adjusted my price for clients who struggle just a bit with the price, but it usually goes something like - "I’ll come down x amount if you come up x amount.

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I offer a volume discount(5%) only when asked. I also offer a veteran’s and a senior discount of 10%. They can have one discount per house…Most of my customers fall under the Veteran’s or Senior discount so they take the 10% over the 5%. Again, it is all calculated in the cost of doing business, and each job has that cost calculated, so if a customer doesn’t qualifies for any of the discounts, I get extra for that job.

… No discount for volume. I figure if they have the volume they can afford the price.


No, we won’t do that.

Our services reasonably priced , you get what you pay for.

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When I first started, I would get a little nervous telling some one the price would be xxx on a huge house. I think was only me being nervous because I didn’t get many big houses at first. But as was stated, if the have the money to buy the big house, they can probably afford to maintain it. I charge the same per window for every house regardless of location or size. My prices and I don’t play favorites. By that logic, the guy with 10 windows should get a deal as well because relatively speaking, he probably makes less and writing the small check is similar to the other client writing the big check…


Want to revive this thread.

Do you guys give discounts at all or what is your take on them?

If it’s a bunch of windows like say 100 do you offer a little discount or do you guys just stick with your prices no matter what.

I think I’m gonna have my standard price and if someone says it’s high or can they get a discount I’ll say I can offer a 5% discount. But not any lower.

What do you guys think?

If you can at all afford to pass on the customers who want a discount, you’ll be happier if you do. There are some exceptions, but 90% of people who ask for a discount, will have higher expectations. It’s a weird inverse relationship that I can’t quite explain, but it’s real.

That’s different than someone who says you’re out of their budget, though. I try and work with people like that, by reducing the scope of work to bring the price down to their budget. Have them remove and reinstall screens, exterior only option, etc.

That said, I do sometimes discount on volume, in a roundabout way. But it’s usually an issue where I gave customer a ball park price based on their window count, I’m too lazy to count for myself until I’m done with the job, and realize there’s an extra 15 panes of glass that I cleaned. I only charge the customer based on the high end of the ballpark, let them know what the actual window count was, and what their price will be next time.

That happened to me last week: customer said around 50 windows/~100 panes. I quoted $750-$900 ballpark. Actual pane count was 134 x $8 = $1,072. Charged $900 at the end of the job. Was also given a $100 tip. I’m not going to try and stick it to a customer who in good faith thought they had around 50 windows, and I was too lazy to verify at the beginning of job. And besides, any day cleaning windows inside & out that grosses $110+/hr (before tips) is a good day for me.


Interesting. I got a house scheduled tomorrow with the new price increase I implemented and I was thinking this is a good price, I can probably discount it a bit if the customer asks.

Surprisingly the customer didn’t flinch or question it.

These types of homes I used to do for like $400-$450, now it’s $600.

No more cash discounts :grin:

I think if they say wow that’s high can I get a discount or just can I get a discount or however they phrase I can say “Well, I can offer a 5% marketing discount.” 5% for $600 is only $30.

So you go $16 a window :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m at 14 which feels like I have breathing room now. Good pricing for me.

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So looks like I’ll stand firm on my price if say it’s like 100 windows or 20 windows. 5% marketing discount if they ask for a discount but not any lower…

What about commercial work do you also go by the same price if it’s commercial or residential?

I’m not talking about monthly storefronts but commercial places like apartment buildings or businesses.

Same pricing or it varies?

It depends on the job. If it’s just like a house, then same pricing. If it’s easy access, no stuff to move, wham bam in & out quick, then I sometimes come down a bit for commercial work.

That $16 includes screen cleaning, btw

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my price per pane varies all over it only makes sense. it takes just as long to get to a job, setup, packup, handle the inititial call, possibly a follow up couple of calls or emails send the invoice, make sure it’s paid all those costs are the same for a big or small job.
which is why i very rarely price a job per pane. there are some that do not fit my online tool but those can vary alot as well o home 100 panes that are all easy access might be done much quicker than a home with 50 that are more spread out and require fighting bushes trees gardens etc that is more time consuming whether you use ladder or wfp

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If there’s no screen cleaning then it’s $16 as well?

I’m going with a flat $14. Same $14 if there’s screens to clean or no screens to clean.

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Correct. Unles they’re on a budget and ask fir a discount for no screens

The only volume discount I offer is multiple properties, never on the first property, and only on the second cleaning within 6 months of each other.

I understand there are price shoppers, which is fine. Those are not my customers and I’m happy to let some other company work with those prospects.

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Don’t even offer 5% off… I would say this is the best price I can do on our services.

Get used to letting people walk, or lower the scope of work and ALWAYS have a service minimum charge.

Just today, for whatever reason the customer pulled their screens out prior to their scheduled in/out window cleaning appointment.
When I asked she said “we pulled them out so you can clean them and put them back in the windows”
I explained that because they pulled the screens out this was now considered a “screen installation” and that because I would have to identify where each screen went that service minimum charge starts at $100
Well, wouldn’t ya know it they didn’t want to pay the extra fee and I brushed the screens off and left them in the garage.

Stick to premium prices for premium services and the tire kickers and price shoppers will stop calling.



  • I have never gone to a house, and thought “this house is so big, they should get a discount.”

The best was when my quote came out to around $1500 for this mansion and the lady was like can I get a discount?

I gave a little discount, she said the other guy did it for $750. :face_vomiting:

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The beauty of it all is

  • these dipshits will accept the shitbag landscapers (lawn jockey) that will shoot random rocks at their car’s paint jobs, and crack windows.
  • refuse to tell their “sprinkler guys” to aim their hard water in a different direction, so it doesnt fuck up their glass
  • and don’t request that their painters spray a short ‘up and down’ rather than spraying randomly 5 feet wide horizontally, for a 2 inch vertical piece of wood?