Do car/truck Wraps Give You A Return?

I have been thinking about doing a partial wrap on my van, but I was not sure if it actually gives you any sort of return. I have talk with one person who has one and they said its good branding, I can believe that, but I want that branding to turn into more jobs. Those of you who dove in and got a wrap, did you see an increase in jobs?

I don’t have a full wrap, but what I do have has given me good results. The slow and steady race.

You’ll never measure it accurately…it’s just one of those things. It’s like Apple wondering if they’ll see a return on using aluminum casing just because it looks better…you just can’t know without doing both.

I’d say that with a full wrap versus lettering over the ~5 years you’ll own a decent vehicle [B]yes[/B] you’ll see a positive return. I can also say from my own experience that it’s one of those things that is easy to hesitate on spending money on, but that you won’t regret once you have.

I went to high school in Spokane, do you clean windows during the winter months? If so does your water freeze?

Whats a good price for a wrap? If you do a half wrap then in 5 years is half the car going to be a different shade when you take the wrap off?

All winter. We use an anti freeze in the water.

I did not buy a wrap yet, but I priced them around $2200-$3000 depending on size. Half wrap is about half the price and I found some companies that offer a 3/4 wrap as well. Most of the companies have graphic artist to help design something for you as well. I’m definitely going to get one when I can afford it.

I put pretty large signage (not a full wrap) on my van for removing fog and moisture in double pane windows. I tracked it for six months and it paid for itself six times over. Of coarse the payoff is going to be determined by the look and in my case uniqueness of the signage. I have a friend (fellow WCRA member) who added lettering to his mini pick up shell and he did great as well.

Just think of it as a mobile billboard. Get a great looking design and I am sure it will payoff.

I owned a sign business in belgium before i moved to the states and i made my own lettering before i moved here, so i cant tell you the prices here… all i know is that people constantly tell me they saw my signs(yardsigns), or my truck… and yes, you will see a color difference after a few years, it depends on the hardness of the sun in your area.

“Good branding” equals return. Marketing is tricky and much of it is trial and error. I personally think of it this way, I see ads from a company in a newspaper, online, postcard, trucks wrapped, and door hangers. Now contrast that with seeing a company that has an occasional door hanger, no newspaper, no truck wrap, no postcard, and little online presence. Which company would you buy from? Better question can be what company would you likely use when you actually have a need for the service? Likely the answer is the guy that marketed better. He has created a better presence in the market place.

Will you get lots of jobs of the wrap initially? Likely, not. Will you better market your company and separate yourself from the competition? Absolutely.

My previous truck had my logo and some nice vinyl lettering. Stood out nicely but looked professional. I know for a fact that it got me several jobs while I was working in a neighborhood. It got some attention just parked in a parking lot. I just had to trade that truck in for a newer, more reliable truck and I haven’t had the extra cash to letter this one yet. I feel naked when I am working and keep feeling like I’m missing out on jobs. I will have it done before spring.

I made my money back and then some in the first two months. I still get 3-4 nice jobs a month just from the vehicle advertising.

A full wrap is looks better but I think a half wrap is just as effective when done right.

Sharp looking Decals

I drive all day long everyday on major roads with a basic sign on my van. So far I’ve landed 1 direct job as a result of “seeing my van”. I have responsibid on my site and maybe 5 people have said they heard of me by “seeing me working.” My sign is basic. I would like to have a fancier wrap, but I’m in no rush right now…but maybe I should be!

It is a giant bill board. And by putting a sign on says you have a dedicated work vehicle and this is what you do for a living. Heck, you put a sign on any of your cars and you can write it off as a business expense! Also, it separates your company from other cleaners who might show up in their Caprice without a uniform or business card.

also…having your number on your van might keep you from driving like a donkey!

Ryan, do you have anything on the front, or is this considered a “half wrap”?

Hi Michael,
The layout I have would be considered a ‘1/2’ wrap. I only did the back door and part of the sides.

Generally speaking, A full wrap covers the back, sides to the front door, and hood- but not the roof.
3/4 wrap would be up to and including the front doors, a full wrap would cover the hood and sides over the front tires.

I guess I really want a large duck on the side of my van that should get someones attention, and yes I’ll have to drive better!

I think that duck “BLOWN UP” would look really good. What color is your van?

My truck has a 3/4 wrap and within the first 2 weeks of having it applied, I confirmed 7 new clients and it more than paid for itself. I could not tell you how many new clients have been obtained due to the graphics but I will tell you I will never be without them on any future vehicle owned for work. Prices here in CT seem to be higher than many of the quotes I see here mentioned. The cost of my wrap was $4000.00.

[B]Results not typical. Extreme return on investment (ROI) based upon remarkably good looks of driver, as evidenced by picture above. Repeat: results not typical. Some side effects (creepy smile, bad hair) may occur.[/B]