Do you care about your employees

at the company moral is so low that people are just sitting on jobs because nobody wants to call the worthless manager for more work. every one thinks that the company doesnt care about them. management makes it seem like we are replaceable. when an experienced person quit the act like the care that the employee is unhappy, but it came down to the fact that this person produced big numbers. his leaving would cause a big dip in there bottom line.

so those that have employees do you care about them?
are the happy(ish) at work?
do you care if the are happy(ish) at work?
do you have a system in place that allow for the employee to address issues anonymously.
how do you show you employees that you appreciate their hard work.
Do your employees feel like you listen to what they have to say?
Do you run a empoyee centric company?


appreciation goes further in keeping someone than even increased $ in many cases

living under threat of being replaced is fear mgmt = not very productive

perhaps if marketing was better and pricing was higher there wouldnt be a need to resort to driving people with fear

just what comes to mind reading this

This is gonna be a good thread, and I’ll get involved.
But, so far, your very first sentence- right out of the the gate, has me wondering…

What does “sitting on jobs, because nobody wants to call the Mgr” mean?!? :confused:

Yeah, Dave Ramsey talks about this in EntreLeadership. Employees want a paycheck yes, but what they really really want to know is that they’re doing something that MATTERS.

But if the boss doesn’t care about you, you don’t care about your job, and then you’ll start to lose customers.

“Hey Jared.”
“Whaaaat’s Happening.”

“I’m gonna go ahead and ask you to do those TPS reports.”

“Oh, and if you could go ahead and come in on Saturday?”
“That’d be greaat.”

that is happening to my employer all the old guys tell me all the time “you see that building, we use to do it; but building manager does not like the bosses.”

now that i am about to start my business and plan on having employees i want to avoid what has happen at my current job.

“thats thats my stapler”

So what does “sitting on jobs mean?”

Do you mean…

  • Not doing them?
  • Not calling to get picked up for the next job?
  • Holding out on jobs, so nobody knows about them?

“Sitting on” has a lot of different meanings, depending on how “urban dictionary” you wanna go.

Get the book EntreLeadership then follow that up with The E-Myth. Then anything and everything by Ken Blanchard…

I’m guessing their milking the jobs they get (probably paid hourly) and don’t want to bust tail for a jerk boss who probably won’t reward them anyway…

Ohhh… so you took it as, literally sitting down on a job?
(I hope not)

Meaning 'they’ll teach him."

"That asshole bitches that we are all replaceable."
So, we’re gonna rip him off, by literally sitting down on the job.

  • he will NEVER find anyone willing to sit down and flat out, not work, at a job.
    “Who does he think he is?!?”

Maybe if we [B]do that[/B], he will “appreciate” us more.

Sounds like a bunch of winners if you ask me…

I’ve got a great idea!

Maybe if we fuck him hard enough.
To the point where the company is actually losing money…
We will get a raise!

That’s an awesome idea.

  • who’s ready for a well deserved nap?!? :cool:

Yeah if I worked for you buy the hour I’d be stretching it out till your head turns blue. Oh, wait you can’t afford my hourly rate…

Hey, back in the day if you could just get paid for doing nothing, would you have busted tail for a boss that didn’t care? Why not milk it because you’ll be looking for another job eventually anyway…

sitting on job means to take longer on job we are paid hourly. but manager is an a hole and will send us to the other side of town when their is an hour left for the day. by the time we get there and unload its time to go. also they give us unrealistic time or $ amount to finish job. they made a mistake and put real price on the list of work, so we know they are making a big profit margin on all the jobs.

Sounds like it’s time to quite moaning and complaining and start your own… You got it down right?

i understand your concern and that the boss may not appreciate the labor however, anyone who has to make payroll will think differently than the hourly employee. This is a slippery slope of tension that will build until explosion. I too recommend entreleadership by dave ramsey.

Yeah. I have a great idea…
I should start my own company.

And when [B]my[/B] crew sits down, literally, and rips me off for ‘hours’ -I’ll make sure I ‘reward’ them.

Because I remember back what it was like, to rip off my boss, because he said I was replaceable.

With a balanced scale, it’s obvious that the one complaining how long a job takes
is obviously in the wrong, when you look at it from the one who’s not working’s point of view.

Somebody’s got to work for the boss… Better him than me…