Do you get much exterior only on resi?

I like doing easy money work. In fact, did another this morning. Outside only clean, no screens to contend with.

However, it bugs me, that the interior glass is dirty. Handprints, animal nose art, dust, etc. What is really the point, if you aren’t going to clean it all, even if the homeowner prefers to do the insides? This particular home, has high reach interior glass, so I now they aren’t doing those ones.

I had one this spring, took out all their screens for me, and had me do outside only. They looked like crap because the inside was filthy.

I just don’t get the mentality behind those cleans, but I’ll smile and deposit their check anyway.

I don’t get a lot of those type of cleans. How about you?

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Most of my exterior only jobs are in conjunction with power washing. The inside glass bugs me, but only so much.

Like you said, the money is nice. I price exterior only jobs without power washing at around 70% of the total, and around 40-50% with power washing.

I will offer to do high interiors as an add-on, as well.


Honestly, outside only drives me nuts for this reason. I run into this more on commercial jobs, but have had the odd residential where they had me clean weekly outside and either never washed the inside or on a couple they never opened the curtains. Can’t argue with the quick and easy money though.

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I just did a regular last week that only ever hires me to do exterior. The insides are filthy. I missed a pane last year (still don’t know how I missed it) and she called to let me know. Not a problem, I was down the street so it was an easy fix. Thing is how could she tell!?! LOL


People call saying they want outside only. I tell them most people do inside and out, plus it is only a little more money.

We prefer to do as much work as possible at each location so in and out is preferred. We do get requests for out only too.

Get alot of commercial condo/retirement highrise buildings that go outside only. We can count on a few complaints each time. Come to find people think it must be outside because they cleaned their own insides personally. It’s always dirt that’s on the inside.

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I like exterior only for the money as I am sure most do. But I do find that they repeat less often.
Some of that my be on my end as I need to be better about reaching out to past customers.
Even with the repeats being less I find myself shifting away from doing interior glass in the future, except for long time customers.

I always quote for the whole lot in/out/tracks screens.
Generally I find either people assume you only do the outsides that are requesting external only or have had generally cleaners come in at$35/hr and taking 12 man hours to complete the job for it to only look a little cleaner than it was when they started.

I am with @anon46335951 do as much as you can per stop.

If their windows are that dirty, their house is probably that dirty and they don’t want anyone inside. But they need some light to come through and outside dirt probably blocks a lot, compared to the inside. My guess…

I like doing the whole shot too, but I occasionally get these exterior onlys. It’s just weird to me. These people are firm about what they want. I just don’t see the value in only one side being clean. We all know how well it works out cleaning filthy windows with windex and paper towels or microfibers. You just smear it around.

I’ve never had a commercial account ask for exterior only. My commercial accounts want me because the janitorial contractors can’t clean glass here. They do a great job of smearing the dirt around, but not cleaning the glass. :joy:

This first real post card I sent out the only bites I’ve had 3 from 700 cards are exterior only. But I think that’s because I’m a true stranger showing up. (as opposed to my storefront customers getting their house done) One of them let me do in and out on the sliders in her living room and that upsold the interiors for me. Next one I’ll offer that again.


I do a good amount of exterior only. Fine by me. Why does it bother you guys so much.
You don’t live there. I could see if they just have 10 windows., then ya no thanks.
Unles you do route work an it’s 5 minutes away. More Than likely there going to the insides themselves, or the jace the cleaning lady do them. I jace a minimum so as long as it meets that. I’m good

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I guess it bothers me because I don’t see the sense in it, if the insides are not going to be as clean as the outsides.

You wouldn’t wash and wax half your car, why clean only half of the glass? You can see the other half is still dirty.

I just can’t see how people would see value in half clean windows.

Most of the time I think there intention is to clean it themselves, which is fine by me.
The outsides to them are more difficult , An they are more dirtier then the insides.

If there intensions are to not clean them at all , then I see your point . Still to me if that’s all you want I’m fine with it. As long as I’m making what I need, an your getting what you want so be it.


It bothers me kind of because there is more work/money right there! And I don’t have to drive around to get it.

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Did an outside only today. They are best with casement windows where the screens are inside. They wanted to save money so they didn’t do the inside. When I just do the outside I feel like a window washer and not a window cleaner.

This must be a location thing, here inside windows are generally dirtier here as the mould spores grow quick.

Well, they are paying you to do your part. Collect on it and go to the next one. I too think it is somewhat nonsensical to have the exteriors all clean and shiny, but the interiors have mold spots, smudges, dust, and what-not. But money is money.

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I have three huge jobs this week that are all exteriors. Today I could see drip marks down the glass on the insides where someone did a poor job, dog nose prints, and the kitchen window had normal splatters on it. They only wanted to pay for exterior. Fine by me, it would have been a two day job to in/out.

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I just take it that they don’t trust people in their home most of the time

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