Do you prefer cleaning the exteriors or interior windows?

For all the residential guys. Which do you prefer? Cleaning exterior or interior windows, and why?

I prefer cleaning exterior windows because there is usually less obstacles in my path. You don’t need to be as careful about splashing so much. I don’t mind ladder work provided that it can be placed safely. I enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and sunshine compared to people’s homes that can sometimes be dark, messy, smelly, etc.

I’m with you, all day, my wife does the insides, I work outside. Hate the cold weather and the heat here in TX is too much sometimes, but still prefer to work outside. I use a LOT of water, so no need to be careful outside, and the fact that I need to be really careful inside, slows me down terribly, hence I move much faster outside.

Exterior all day long. To bad it’s only about 5% of my business.

Yeah, exterior if I can but it’s just a small percentage of my biz.

Exterior for me. W.F.P. all I can. no worries about dripping on the floor, knocking into breakable items. There is a tiny bit of tension when working inside. When I’m outdoors I feel free. This comming spring I’m going to offer a exterior only special and see how it goes.

Exterior for me to. But once in a great while i like the interior, so that I can get to know my client a little more.

Depends on how cold it is :slight_smile:

or hot.

Inside or Outside to me they are all same.

They have to be done.

Have not got time to think if you like it or not.

Just do it!!:rolleyes:;):smiley:

Both… But if I had to pick just one then interior so I can befriend my customers and make them lifelong customers!

It’s never too hot where I’m at. But you Michael have the best of both worlds (I’m being sarcastic). I spent a year or so in St. Louis and man was it miserably hot in the summer and awful cold in the winter.

I’m in Savannah, GA. Haha. And it is occasionally too hot, but never too cold.

Best spot in the world.

I was hoping one of the voting options would be BOTH, because I love exteriors cause I WFP them all, but I love cleaning the interiors too, cause that’s when I talk with my clients and build good report. I also hate having to move furniture and be extra careful in the million dollar homes, when working on interior windows, but I also hate working around all of the cactus, people living here in the desert seem to like planting in front of their exterior windows. Such is life. :slight_smile:

Oh that’s right, I knew that - it’s right in your signature :slight_smile: The MO threw me I guess.

Outside is definiely easier and inside is harder than outside because of furniture knicknacks drapes etc. however if the window doesn’t sparkle inside then the customer really cannot get the full benefit that comes by doing the complete job in and out.
I recommend twice a year outside and once a year both inside and outside most people can see that it pays off best in the satisfaction they can get yet still keep cost under control.



I’ve rarely cleaned a house inside only. If I’m cleaning the inside I’m cleaning the outside too.

Windows end up looking better, more money, and I don’t have to put up with seeing those god ugly streaks the HO’s leave on the inside. They almost make your work look bad, wouldn’t you agree?

So technically both

I took the question differently. Usually I have a couple guys (atleast one) with me, so I can send them wherever.

If the homeowner is there I will start on the insides (Master bedroom, bathrooms and offices) and of course a couple of the windows wherever the customer is so I can build some rapport. If the windows haven’t been done in a while and in bad shape I usually like to do the outside picture windows, kitchen window and most noticable windows.