Dog ear and 45 cut

I’ve been trying to get this figured out, I’m so close!

I think I might have to bend the dog ear slightly, this seems like a very touchy technique to get the angle just right. The 45 angle was the easiest part.

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[MENTION=4561]de.fuller[/MENTION] & [MENTION=441]BostonMike[/MENTION]. ^^^

Mike it looks real close.

Hows the performance?

I find myself pushing down on the handle a little harder, other than that it’s starting to shape up. I just keep adjusting the dog ear a little, sometimes more sometimes less angle… I’ve been cleaning this piece of glass for a half hour now trying to get it perfect

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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Thats a good way to find what works best for you Mike.

Is this what p&b has been talking about?

I’m still playing around with my 45 too. I find that if you press VERY lightly, you’ll get better results. When I use my normal pressure, I still get some water. It’s a LOT better than the standard 90, but not as good as the video.

Yeah, it makes sense, but I’m still tweaking it here and there to find the sweetness.

He was definitely the inspiration for it, after reading about other people liking it I had to give it a shot.

The last couple attempts I got perfect to zero detailing except the bottom edge and sill.

Tomorrow is the real test since I have an exterior only window cleaning job tomorrow. Fingers crossed

Mike Radzik
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Central, Mass
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Rewatching P&B’s video and his dogear is about 1cm (1/2in) in from the edge…

I’ve done all my Wagtail Channels to about 35degrees. I do the dog ear first by essentially putting the plier in from the end about 2cm and “flattening” the channel. When you look at it from the bottom there is then a gentle turn in. I then grind cut my angle from the bottom edge, smooth sharp edges with 180 wet emory paper. To test I then use more soap than normal and coat the glass. Using my normal hand/wrist angle and pressure I then do test straight pulls. If I leave water in the centre I tweak gently at each end until I get a nice clean pull. It really is a fine tuning thing. You don’t want the channel ends actually pressing against the rubber. Without looking, gently press against the rubber mid channel, then repeat on the ends. It should still have a little bit of give but feel substantially firmer. Why 35? (because Im anal and think the angle is more elegant, so please don’t take this as optimum). I’ve watched Wagga and Polz 'n Bladz videos numerous times, tried Wagga’s split and found it too difficult to replicate without trashing channels. P&Bs is really comprehensive, well explained and demonstrated but I got the best results by tweaking even his design to my personal liking. Channels are Wagtail, Rubbers are Wagtail and Razr Blade Red…I find it fascinating that Unger have dogeared their limited edition Carbon Fibre squeegee…

Polzn Bladz has definetly changed things for me. I have my channels cut and I’m using his technique. But I’m only really good with my right hand. In time I’ll be truly ambidextrous.

Just as a side point, I’ve found that making an extra cut like below will allow you to use the unger plastic clips with ease.

New Video:


i just do the 45. i don’t get any extra benefit from dog earing. i’ve monkeyed with it, but it don’t see how it’s necessary. in my experience it just creates an awkward inconsistency at the end of the channel. not worth the trial and error. the real money is in the angled end.

I think I’ve got mine where I want them.

They kill on residential. Commercial still has little drops along the side, but it’s not bad and depends on the pressure that I use.

Cutting the rubber on the small squeegees doesn’t seem to make a difference. But it does seem to make a difference on the 18.

OK. So I bit the bullet and extended the angle on one of my combis to 45 and altered rubber as per P&Bs instruction, and, darn it, on a job this morning it was absolutely superb. Used my detailing scrim only 3 or 4 times over about 30 windows…

The one concern I have is when you listen you can hear what sounds like the end of the squeegee scraping the window frame and that is what I thought might happen with the 45 degree cut. Anyone else have this concern?

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He cuts his rubber very close to the channel. I don’t so only the rubber touches the frame.

I think it all depends on how you trim the rubber, and how you operate the squeegee. Shouldn’t be any more risky than 90° ends, imo.

That’s how you know it’s working.

Like [MENTION=441]BostonMike[/MENTION], I leave the rubber a little bit out so it doesn’t scrape.

Sounds cool. His video just made the end of the squeegee look sharp and I was a little concerned. You guys are right that it is all about the operator in the end.

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