Door hangers? Design advice

So here is the front of the card, I’m adding my website to the bottom but other than that it’s almost done

Now for the back I’m going to have something like this but I’m starting to wonder if I’m really up for writing a quote for every house I drop a door hanger off at! Anyone else done this before? Any suggestions? Maybe leave the back blank, or just advertise my pressure washing business?

Here’s two rough drafts for the back

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many many many have done it, do it. an entire other business was built on the idea although adding a photo of the house as well.
it’s good thing, it works.

Many have done what?

It looks really nice. As for your question, there was just a thread by @Gotlift you may find interesting.

Just my own opinion: Why say “guaranteed price” on the front when on the back you state that the price really isn’t guaranteed?

Also I think this is more correct: “We just finished your neighbor’s windows.”


Like I said they are rough drafts I’m going to make everything correct as far as grammar and removing/adding little things.

writing quotes on spec on a card/flyer

I can’t find it.

Here it is:

(I found it by going to his profile, clicking posts, then searching “door hanger”. That’s a trick to find posts from a specific user.)

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I would add a splash of color to that. The blue/white design looks very monotonous. The complementary color to blue is orange. I was opposed to adding a splash of orange to a similarly colored blue post card that I was working on. My graphic artist-friend insisted that the right orange would work. He was right. An orange element would make your hanger much more visually appealing. Experiment with making the phone number ribbon orange instead of blue, or if not that, try something else. Your hanger is nice but would benefit from some color to wake it up.

Tip: Google “choose complementary color in photoshop” for tips on choosing the right hue of orange (or some other color) to work with the blue that you have, if you don’t already know how to do that.

i would say washed or cleaned instead of finished

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What do you think of the orange? I think it adds some visual appeal and wakes it up.


It looks great I really appreciate the advice

Here’s the back if anyone’s interested