who uses it for residential?

Looking for like-minded folks to discuss this logical way of attracting new business

I have in the past with much success, what questions do you have? (and by past, I mean like last year, when I was starting)

I am looking for something to help over come the ‘fear’ I feel when thinking of using this method.

I have decided that ‘fear’ stand between me and my financial goals. So I suppose what I am seeking here is a script of some sort…or some encouraging experiences about how well it works.

Best day, best time of day…should I wear a pistol :slight_smile:

If you search the forum you’ll find scripts :smiley:

I have done it in the past. Much to busy now or I would do more. First thing I can tell you is not to get discuraged when people tell you no, or “it’s just not the right time”. i leave them a card and go on my way. I find it’s easier to go D2D on a block wher you have just cleaned the windows of a house. chances are people will know their neighbors and check out your work. As far as a script, what works for me may not for you or the new potential client. I have always found being honest is best. judge things when you get to the door. Most people are more in shock that someone new is in front of their door. I like that cause then I can just go about what I am there for. I am a no presure kind of guy. Have a nice day and all that jazz. I have found that the area you walk in is something to look at. I try to hit the more upscale homes. If no one is home be sure to leave a flier! hope that helps out. trying to remember all the stuff I used to do.

Standing 8’-10’ back from the door also has an uncanny way of “luring” people out of their front door jambs and onto their porches to talk to you.

It also puts them at ease, since they don’t feel crowded or “spatially” intimidated!

Whenever I knock doors I do it like this:


Take 3 Giant steps Back.

When they open the door ACT as comfortable and conversational with them as possible. I say ACT, because you will probably be nervous as hell especially at first. As long as they THINK you are comfortable THEY will usually be comfortable too, and that is HUGE because if niether of you are comfortable the sale aint gonna happen.

Other than that, keep it simple, tell them who you are and what you do, and tell them you’d like to give them a free no obligation estimate. Assure them it only takes 2 minutes tops, and you don’t need to come inside. (unless they invite you in, if they do, go for it, when you are in their home they are more likely to say yes).

You will be pleasently surpised how many people let you give the estimate. Some wil say no, but it’s not personal, heck I would probably say no too in all honesty.

When you present your estimate to them, this is when you ask for thier business. you should be able to convert 1-2 out of 10 estimates into sales, hopefully more.
Last summer I converted about 1 out of 5, and I know some on here have reported doing even better than that.

The only thing I might add that I haven’t seen talked about to much is cleaning a window for free (hopefully one next to a dirty one)

Good luck bro, just GET OUT THERE AND DO IT! You will be glad you did.

I thought alkiehol always did the trick for ya.

Then I should try selling at 9 PM :slight_smile:

Legendofdoug. TY.

Try hitting up areas where people are longtime residents a lot of the times they have their homes paid off or almost paid off. I have found that I get better results with that. After every estimate i always ask how long have they been in their home and usually it been over a decade or more. Hope this helps

Awesome thinking.

I see where having ones’ home paid for increases disposable income.

Good tip. TY

Im going to do this. Waiting to get my flier made up .

Its all about the follow up

What’s your follow up method?

What kind of follow up are you referring to? This is a completely different machine then Com. and approaches are made VERY differently.

So I’m curious to the “follow up” you are talking about, and if you don’t mind, please go into detail

For me, this is how it would go. After the quote i would obviously get their info. and since they are kinda on the fence about getting their windows cleaned I would wait a week or two. Keeping all of the contacts in that particular area on a separate file, those that were iffy about the cleaning, I would call em back and say. Hi mrs. so and so or mr. so and so. this is blah blah from blah blah giving you a courtesy call just to let you know that we are going to be back in your area this week servicing some residences doing some window cleaning and power washing can I schedule you in? Thats how it goes for me.

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What experiences with time have you had. Lets say door knocking at noon to 3 has a better reception, then, lets say 3-5…
Over here I’d say anything after 3ish people get mad, because they just get off work.

You are assuming they will be mad, don’t make that decision for them. Also if you think they just got off work, why would you knock before then? They will still be at work right? Don’t be afraid, just go knock!

I not asking a question, I was making a statement…they are mad, I’m not assuming. It was a question for other people to answer for their area and what time works best for them.
I have done much door knocking, and I’m speaking out of experience in “my area”.

I don’t care what area you are in. [B]Go to the door with an assumption, and it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy. [/B]

Well this guys gonna be mad… or

These people aren’t gonna buy… or

I’m gonna get this one… etc etc.
add infinitum. GOOD or bad.

Plain and simple… just like fliers, newspaper ads, tv ads, mailers whatever. [B][I][U]It’s a numbers game.[/U][/I][/B]

The more people you deliver the message to. The more response your gonna get. I don’t care if it’s 6pm and they are about to eat dinner. One prospect may act bothered… the very next prospect may be happier than a pig in poop to see you. [B][SIZE=“5”]It’s all about the numbers![/SIZE][/B]

If you don’t believe me… Memorize the Churchill quote below and use it as your Mantra as you go out tommorrow. Repeat it to yourself every time you approach a door.