Dream, Dream, Dream


No more dreaming , Der Bull Ring is on it’s way to WCR , by February 2014


Bout time

Congrats…another great tool for the tool belt.


[COLOR=#800000][SIZE=3][I][B]WCR will be gettin dyed colored ones also…

BullRinger Dange[/B][/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#b22222][SIZE=2][I][B]Thanks [MENTION][/MENTION]Chris I really appreciated you wanting to go with The Bull Ring…


It’s a good product Dave. Stand by. You will be making a ton of them now. You will have to hire help. Congratulations.


Ahh yes we are very excited to have the Bull Ring coming in. We have them in every style and color, they are being built into the website and catalog this week and they will be available for sale in February.

I have been playing with one the past could of weeks, and I personally really like the Bull Ring Mini.

Very cool product.

thanks Dave!

Looking forward to it

I’ll have to grab one or two for sure

Mike Radzik
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Central Massachusetts

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I have a ring. Though it’s not the bull ring…

My ring is in a carabiner… So access is easy from either side of ring.

Cheers John

Now there’s a couple quick thanks about the Bull Ring being helped with…

My friend Joey Brooks was one of the first to get the Bull Ring, and it was Joey who gave me the name “Bull Ring”. Thanks Joey / Meticulous Windows LLC

Also Boston Mike who gave me the Idea for the Double Bull Ring and the Mini Bull Ring…Thanks Mike !

Der Bull Ringer Dange

[SIZE=2]Joey / left, with his buddy Chris…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Joey With his Bull Ring…

[SIZE=2]Mike Defiel…[/SIZE]

Ill be getting one as soon, I was gonna buy one from a Local Supplier but niet!! I dont like the way they do business

Sal…What kind were you looking to get ? Is it still in the 80’s down there ?


Just the single ring one

Yeah its about 80 in the middle of the day

80’s, crap that is awesome for this time of year…Say did you know I grew up in El Monte ?
Yeah the Single Bull Ring is the original ,very sweet !

[COLOR=#4b0082][SIZE=2]Der Bull Ringer on Der Bull Ring…[/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=#4b0082][SIZE=2]

No!! Not the shoulder holder!

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning

Ya need an upgrade my friend. Try IT you’ll like it. :wink:

Glad I have waited, can’t wait till Feb! Way to go Dange

Jeremiah, Advantage Window Cleaning
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