Drop off screen repair

Anyone out there offer any screen repairs as an add on?? We just added screen repair to out services. We don’t pick up or drop off, we just fix screens for those who are interested. Too much involved with transporting them back and forth I think.

This is the only way we really advertise it as of now. Lets see how it goes.

This is one of my selling points to my customers. I tell them that they can bring their screens to the local hardware store. Or they can have me do it and I’ll remove, repair, and reinstall them for them. People love my personal touch.:slight_smile:

You guys getting a lot of drop offs? I bet you are. That’s a great idea. I wish I had a shop or house on a main street.

I’ve been offering screen repair for a while now but only if I’m also cleaning the windows. So far I’ve received very little action. To be honest, I really haven’t been pushing it. I might make it a focus this winter when window cleaning slows down.

We just started doing this and the only way we are advertising it as of now is that little sign in front of our building… so we haven’t had people beating down the door exactly, but we are confident that people will inquire soon. I think as soon as spring comes and people are opening the windows for the fist time they will realize they have old screens that need afixin. We’ll see how it goes. Who knows, maybe we may transport them on day.

It’s a good idea but here people are used to having their prescriptions, dry cleaning, groceries, etc delivered. I just add rescreening to their list of drop off services.

We had are actual first drop off @ the shop today.


Time to raise prices.


My video is up on my site for screen repair. Its in high speed.
we also pick them up most often from a home because were already there. The guys brings them back to my rescreener and I will usually deliver them back within a week while on estimates.

I have added screen repairing but I have not done any advertising yet, still trying to figure out how much to charge?

A good staring point is seeing what your market will bear. Check some local prices of people that do it and go from there. Obviously you will get a much better rate if you buy your materials in bulk. At first it can be tricky and time consuming but you will get the hang of it fairly quickly.

I do a 10.minimum per screen. Depending on size, bent frame pieces, broken corners or new tabs & springs it could be 30. for new rebuilt average size.
I have a company I go through for my parts & material (www.coloradosteelsash.com or 1-503-598-0191), this is important for profit. Home depot & Lowes are way to expensive & to limited on size.
Also keep in mind the learning curve can be frustrating and time consuming!! You need an area in your shop to set up for this and organized because you will end up with multiple orders and have screens stacked everywhere. There are techniques and tricks to learn I will help you with when they occur.

hey guys
I have been dropping them off to a screening company and picking them up and than i return them to a customer. I don’t make as much profit obviously because i am not making them myself. I want to get into it this year, how should i start what tools and materials do i need?

I have used screen repair as an upsell since day one. The tools needed are few and cheap. I looked at the cost of screen replacement, and compared the hardware store repair price. My price is right in between. After all I do it right on the spot.

Clean the windows… rebuild a couple of screens… then laugh all the way to the bank.

A trained monkey can do 5 screens in one hour. I can bill an average of $17.50 per screen with the cost per screen being about $4.00 at the most. (for materials)

so where do you get the parts and how should i start learning

What do i need for tools
Miter saw
screening tool

Try these guys! - www.coloradosteelsash.com
or contact Shawn Power 503-598-0191
I have been working with him a while to put together a start up package for under 1000.00

Another site you may want to check out is…http://www.crlaurence.com/ they have a wide selection of stuff as well.

Also…if your gonna be doing just minor stuff you may be able to find all you need at the big box stores such as Home Depot or Lowes or even one of the many independent mom & pops stores.

Spline Roller.
Razor Blade.
Roll of Screens
(fiberglass and/or metal, black or grey)
(there are varying sizes dependent on frame channel size)

I started going to Ace Hardware to get my stuff. It is cheap enough and I don’t do a large enough quantity to justify bulk ordering.

That’s just what works for me. You may wanna dive in. I like to test the waters first.

oh yeah… i forgot the little corner pieces.

go befriend the dude at Home De Pot and he will point you in the right direction.

The corner pieces, or you using the plastic ones our the internal metal ones, i want to make good screens not cheap ones that will get sun damaged and break.