Dryer Vent cleaning

I didn’t know where to put this but since I was doing a pwing job when the customer asked here it goes. The customer wanted to know since I had a ladder w/ me if I could clean her dryer vent out. It wasn’t a bid deal but she was very appreciative. I have done this for a few customers as of late and feel that it can be a great add-on service. It would be easy to mention to the customer while I’m there that we offer this service. Anyone else offer this add-on?

Why was a ladder necessary?

How long was the vent? What did you use to clean it out?

Larry the ladder was because it was on the back side of an upper level condo. Chris I took the cover plate off and could reach the whole obstruction. It was only about 6" into the tube.

we’re located in florida and do alot of dryer vent cleaning all our vents we clean all vent to roof so a ladder is always needed.



So what then is the best way to clean out a run of drier vent, or any vent for that matter. Figuring drier vent consists of two types that I am aware of - ridgid sheetmetal type, and the flexible type. I picture like a chimney sweep of sorts, but that would damage the flex type. Any ideas? Thanks

I just cleaned my own dryer and vent last week. TO do this, I bought a set of brushes from our local hardware store (similar must be available elsewhere).
Dryer Vent Brush Combo | Canadian Tire
I used one to clean the trap in the dryer, took the hose off the back and brushed it out then went out and did the outside vent.
What I found was that there was build up in the trap, little to nothing at the back of the machine and in the pipe in the wall. There was a couple of fistfuls of lint in the last foot or so at the outside wall. I didn’t have to take the vent cover off to do the work, either.

That’s exactly the type of brush I was thinking of. Good stuff.

Doratex you got pm.

We just started this service a couple months ago and works really well as a add on. Who doesn’t like ad ons? $$$ real easy too with little start up.

This is what we use…

LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning System

What would one charge for such service on residential? I used to get $150 - $200 each, but that was on hi - rise

From the link above provided by Austin’s Window Cleaning,

A professional dryer duct cleaning company will cost you anywhere from
seventy five to one hundred fifty plus dollars every time they visit your home.

I’ve called local air duct cleaners, and it was $90 bucks to service your dryer. I’ve been giving dicounts for this service if it’s with other services, or if there’s a bunch to do in one area.
Last week we did the WC job at an apartment complex, 40 units and there was crap hanging out their vents, no air was gettin through. Told the property management bout it, qouted him a screaming deal, and he didnt really care. So I’ve been watching the news for an " Apartment complex goes up in flames, more at eleven"…:eek:

Here’s a video from Bob Villa

How to Clean a Dryer Vent - BobVila.com

Nice video for a homeowner (even though Bob Villa became a tool long ago.) Sounds is though their may be more efficient/alternative methods for professionals.

I’d contact some current residents and tell them about the problem, or maybe even get in touch with the Fire Dept or an inspector. Might sound “dirty” but even if you don’t get the job you’re potentially saving lives if that’s taken care off.

Vent Nazi!

[B]Dryer Vent Cleaning Expert in Sonoma Receives Highest Honor

Rhonda Nole, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, is Recognized by the American Ratings Corporation for professionals[/B]

I hate playin dirty…lol
I’ll be in the area tomm. and gonna swing by there to see if anythings been done. Knowing the landlord, he probley did it him self or hired someone dirt cheap to do it. Either way what ever was done would be a huge improvement over what it was.

There are so good how to videos out there and some reasonably priced equipment from using a chordless drill to an air compression unit. Need to take anamometer reading to make sure all obstruction are removed. Im getting certified through the chimney sweeps of america or something like that. Couple hundred bucks, the book has alot of good info, and its the only accredidation program oput there i believe.

Hmm, I think I will mount a minicam on my squeegee to prove I did in fact clean that window :slight_smile:
Seriously, thats a great idea. Ive used my iphone to take “before & after” photos to document gutter cleaning jobs before.