Early Winter?

At 4:45am the temp reading in my truck was 27 degrees :eek:

Will this trend continue?? I hope not… at least not yet.

brrr time to order the methanol.

whats the methanol for?

methanol is something like 99% alcohol (forgive me if its a little lower) and it keeps the water from freezing.

The problem? Sleep in longer.

You guys use methanol instead of washer fluid?

Having used meth for drying out foggy windows on a chilly day, the evaporation is so fast my hands get numb.

It is also hard to find here…we ended up having to get Sherwin Williams to carry it local.

I bet your hands get even colder. Why meth?

Meth is the main ingredient in windsheild wiper fluid. Its cheaper to buy a 55 gallon drum of meth than hundreds of bottles of wiper fluid.

Holy Cow
I did not know that. Do you guys have to have a permit or something to store that much?

It is an awesome cleaner/drying agent as well. It also makes a pretty fire :slight_smile:

We store it outside of the building.

It does clean great. Before I wax my snowboard I clean the base with meth. It takes up all the dirt really well and makes the wax really seep into the pores.

Ya, it’s freeeeeezing this morning! Brrrrrr.

Time for me to return my DI tank for the year?

I should mention here that the temp is:

62*. I may need a sweater.

To go w/my shorts and flip flops.Burrrrrr

I love being in warmer climates in the winter just to see the overdressed locals :stuck_out_tongue: San Diego was by far the best for that. Early morning it was about 60+ and I see some of the staff coming in for work. Most had wool hats and gloves. Others [I]just[/I] had winter coats. I looked at them like they were sporting extra heads. They probably looked at me in the same light.

Yeah, I was out watering the lawn at 0630 in shorts, tee, and flip flops at a balmy 60 degrees F.

Keep rubbin it in guys. I had to warm up my truck this morning for 10 minutes.

just woke up and it is 60 outside, very cold…

Where do you go to get that much and about how much does it cost?

We go to a speed shop in the ghetto and pick up a 55 gallon drum for about $250

thats not bad at all. I was thinking way higher. Do you use it strait or have a mix ratio? Not that we use the stuff all the time but when needed it helps a ton.

We tell the guys just to use it as needed. A little bit… still freezing?? Add a little bit more.

I stress how its not to be used straight or even close to it!

Supposed to get down to 33 tonite. Time for me to find some Methanol as well.

Sherwin Williams. The chance is high the guy will say: “We don’t carry that.” You say: “yes, you do. Look up 520-1199 R6 K1” He’ll say:’ Wow, I never knew we had that, it’ll take two days to get it here."

You say: "I know."
Him "what do you do with it,"
You: “We make tea.”