ECOVER Water Fed Pole revolution Video

i did this video to explain about the major major benefits of working with Ecover and WFp at height

i have found a way of applying soap at height without having to bring your brush head back to the ground level

USing Ecover will not only make your windows clean better . will be quicker much more reliable and spotting will be GREATLY GREATLY REDUCED !!!

an absolute must

… i hope you understand what i am going on about in the vid… but seriously all you WFPers out there need to be using soap especially on dirty windows … TRY it you wont look back !!!

[video=youtube_share;viKtaksVWEs]- YouTube

with the reach around

put this 15 cm monsoon on the back wetted slightly with pure ecover on… simply dab on the pre wetted window turn around and scrub with your brush . aquadaptor on rinse off… apply extra water where needed before when scrubbing… whats essential to know here is that for telescopic WFP poles a Aquadaptor is simply brilliant . the water has to be turned off so you can scrub the soapy window .

I love the idea.
Will try it soon for sure.
Thanks for the video.

Listening to your enthusiasm makes me want to go out and clean my windows just to try your method. Thanks for your time.


Back several years ago with a different company that I had worked for, for a short time. We needed to get bleach up these stone window sills that were covered with mildew, up to 3 stories high. What we did was get a battery powered 10+ gallon landscape sprayer, like this

NorthStar ATV Spot Sprayer — 10-Gallon Tank, 1 GPM, 12 Volt | Broadcast + Spot Sprayers | Northern Tool + Equipment

Disconnected the trigger from the sprayer wand tip, and connected a pvc type hose from the trigger to the wand and then attached it to a 30’ Unger pole. Put the tank on a cart and filled it with the mix and sprayed the sills, with the right sprayer tip you could get an accurate spray to where you needed it.

Sounds good to me yeah

the point is would i never wash windows with just tap water doing trad… adding the ecover NOT IN YOUR RINSE WATER !!! but through a separate vessel delivers soap on your window. the beauty of ecover is it just seems to seem very soapy but rinses off really quickly …

just make sure the top edge is well rinsed off and rinse off the whole glass well…

Dont use too much soap… it has to be the right amount… too much soap and you will have to spend to much time rinsing … too little and you wont get the desired or optimal effect…

2 jets and water only are a thing of the past for me …

Hi steve you just need a seperate pump box and a seperate water cannister the soap pump box will have everything smaller… 40 psi dia… pump 5 AH Batterie and 2-5L water cannister with your soap mix at a ratio of probably around guessing 1 part soap to 10 parts water… and the delivery hose will be around 2- 3mm … . there are duo hoses on the market with twin 4mm hose that are glued molded together.

All the best John

Well done john! i have been doing this for a while;) what made me do it was customers seem to think the windows are not getting cleaned right, by pure water alone they are so used to seeing soap on their windows am the only wfp window cleaner that soaps the windows up wet then scrub! and you are right it makes it quicker to clean and a much better finish than pure water!

Another tip for you is just get some velcro and glue a cleaning pad onto the top of your brush soak it in your solution and you are ready to go, all you do is scrub window with the soap filled pad and then just flip it back the same way as you do with a wagtail and rinse the window off! it is a faster clean and much better finish!

basically the pad acts as a soaped up applicator and instead of blading you just rinse off,

since using this method i have had no spotting issues at all, because the pad drapes over the brush means you can do frames this way as well brillant on first cleans!

i used to spray ecover onto windows or add it to my water now after using the idea of a pad from the wagtail it is ideal for using ecover and wfp!

Customers are happy as they see their windows being cleaned with soap again!

Seems like a great idea. Maybe eventually this is what we all be doing :slight_smile: My only question is, does it not leave soap under the top rubber seal, which could drip down the glass as it dries?

Seems like a great idea. Maybe eventually this is what we all be doing :slight_smile: My only question is, does it not leave soap under the top rubber seal, which could drip down the glass as it dries?

In one word No! try it mosty you`ll like it

This is what i use now john.

Fast and no spotting issues!

Defo… the next step james… BRILLIANT… i can see most WFPers using the appropriate soap in the future

John its like being trad and wfp at the same time it is so much faster scrub and rinse! and you can even do the frames with this setup!


yeah yeah


[video=youtube_share;ybABo0pEyjw]- YouTube


Love it!

I’d just like to back-up what James writes. Too much eco & you’ll be there for while & using loads of water. I also use GG4 for the same effect, being thinner & less likely to dry up in the sun.

That’s a salmon brush from Peter Fogwill - I’ve yet to find better.

i think we all realize that karl :cool:… the other thing about the soap is it helps you to see where you have rinsed off… and at height its worth spending the extra seconds if you have the time ( and the price is right ) to do it right… having soap on there helps not only for the washing but also for the rinsing…

its about using the right amount of soap …

ill try the GG4 with the WFP … but the whole point is :… using soap makes all the sense in the world on once twice yearly and anything thats simply in need of soap…dont forget i dont do twice monthly like the UK i do once- twice 3 times yearly and the soap is simply a no brainer…

Realization is great - but from one that’s tried & tested this method & just giving the people the heads up on [I]too much soap spoils the froth[/I] (or something like that)*:wink:
It’s less (probably half) than I would put in a bucket.

I’m the same duration as you John except for some commercial.