EDDM Questions/Thoughts

Hey Guys,

So last year I had about 15k fliers made for my company. I sent out about half for EDDM. The local newspaper is who designed, printed, and forwarded the fliers to EDDM. I then picked up the remaining we didn’t mail so I could hand out during estimates, hang on bulletin boards, etc. I’m now thinking of doing another EDDM but would prefer to leave the newspaper company out of it this time around. I’m not worried about them fitting the requirements dimensionally, as they have already been through the process before. So my questions are:

  • If my fliers are blank where the “Local Resident” & address etc go, do I need to stamp them myself or will the post office do that?

-If I choose my EDDM Route online, is it as simple as bundling them together by the 50/100 and dropping it off to the post office?

Any other advice is much appreciated. This will be my second time around doing EDDM and have only found minimal success. Thank you guys!

Dude, check out this thread:

I HIGHLY recommend these guys, and they’ll take care of everything… WCRA and AtCostPrinting

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Pretty sure the bundles have to be 100 pieces.

To do eddm and pass the post office standards, they have to be done to code. So yes, they need “local resident” on them, as well as the indencia .

If you are using another printer, most can help you with the set up for a fee, or you can pay someone to create the source file that you keep, and send to the printer when you are ready.

I took a basic design to the designers at At Cost Printing and they fine-tuned it and made it EDDM complainant. I went to my post office to get the proper forms and instead they gave me a card for someone in the Denver headquarters. That person walked me through everything on the website and made everything real easy. There are rules you have to follow, get the expert help.

I did my first EDDM campaign this fall. I sent 2300 flyers out and then did the same thing to the same people about three weeks later. On the first round I about doubled my investment, on the second round I have almost doubled but there have still been calls coming in. I know that’s a small sample but that’s what I’ve got. My real question is can Radius Bomb replace EDDM, I still haven’t heard someone say that it has for them.


I’m hoping it can…

I like the thought of lazer targeting customers…

I haven’t pushed the “send” button yet…

…The post office will not add anything to the cards…they must arrive at the PO ready to go.

…Sort of…Yes bundles of 50/100 and there are forms to fill out and bundles labeled…still simple though.

So is there any way to use the fliers I already have printed? Or do I need to order new fliers and send them all at once?

Did my first EDDM today. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE At Cost Printing and the perks of WCRA! Labels come from USPS for the bundles and are printable from the computer that go 1 to a bundle, so bundles of 100 are more practical. Just print out 1, then copy for each bundle. Super easy, and I bought one area that has an age of 45-85 at over 50% and income over $100,000. There were only 595 addresses in that route. My second choice was income over $90k with 45-85 at 40+% with delivery to 1250 addresses. The cards are Beautiful, and I’ll report my results as they come in.

This is the backside of my fliers. They are about 9x6. I had already sent about 5k last year (through EDDM) and kept the rest. Where it’s half blank, that’s where the printing company placed the “local resident” & indencia etc

I now have the remaining 10,000 or so just sitting in my office. Is there a company that will print the address & remaining requirements so I could use them for EDDM? Or am i stuck with these as handouts?

Any feedback helps!