Enjoying pure water cleaning

Hey guys,

I bought a 3/4 cubic foot tank from my friend a month or two ago for 100 bucks.

I ended up switching the connectors to brass, and added a shut off connector at the outlet (I now just attach it to the end of my Aluminum ASH Tucker pole’s hose). Used it on the clubhouse I work on for my employer-- perfect results and shaved off 30-35 minutes off the normal cleaning method (I would have to tucker pole the window, then squeegee off with 24 foot Garelick). Thumbs up.

I tried it on a home that normally takes me 6+ hours to do all the outsides by hand (all cut-ups!!!)…did it in 3 hours and 15 minutes…that alone should sell anyone. SAFER (some of that house it 3-4 pieces) and the same great results!

A CON on the 3/4 tanks-- CHANGING RESIN…this was my first go round. I now know you should have someone give you a hand holding the bucket/garbage bag while you are trying to get it all out. Filling up I also learned to get myself a safety cone and drop that resin bag in!!!..save yourself LOTS of time. I do also see why people like the smaller tanks and/or the BAG system (Unger Hydropower).

I checked the water quality…got myself a TDS meter from the ZeroWater pitchers! My tap water is 300 TDS…very high. HOWEVER, where I work they seem to have their own water treatment plant, and I tested the water quality at 4 locations in the area-- 97 TDS, 108 TDS, 111 TDS and 121 TDS-- which is still pretty darn low-- but now at least I know what I am dealing with and can calculate how long this will last me in the future.

If there is anybody on the fence about getting into DI pure water cleaning…do it. Do it today. You will wish you did it YESTERDAY!


I agree. I enjoy having it for certain jobs and windows-- but I leave alot of the big plates for my squeegee (sliders, etc-- I have a 30 inch Super Channel that runs through them)

Really enjoying this DI tank.

So fellas, I am finally at the end of the resin life. After my first “fresh tank”-- I would like to say I got about 30-40 hours of use out of it. I had bought a cubic foot, and filled my 3/4th tank up-- I sealed up the rest and once my numbers started getting around 30-40, I would take out some of the old resin and scoop 10 fills of fresh and it would keep me going for another few days.

I just did my last job and my TDS was running at 99, last job I’ll be doing-- (Although she STILL dried PERFECT…lol!!!). I would say on average this DI tank saved me about 20-30 hours of regular traditional cleaning cutups and some high ladder work. If I would factor in how many jobs this did for me, I would say my tank lasted 7 weeks of every day (here and there) use. Not bad for the 150-160 dollars to fill it.

TDS when I check at the outlet on homes is around 100-118, so that must really extend my resin-- that and a lot of this glass I do is the sheeting kind, and I got away with no system and very good results for the last 14 years I have used a Tucker pole-- but this DI tank has changed the game.

This is one example of a home I service. Normally I would have to stick those tops to the left with my 24 foot Garelick. The windows to the right are the staircase windows-- I would have to do that also either by 3 piece ladder work (with 8 foot top) or stick the top two sets of transoms. Now I just Tucker pole those and it saves me 10-15 minutes right off the rip. Safer and does just as good (if not better, let’s be honest it’s pure water)-- win/win in my book. This is just the front, the back has many high windows as well and now I Tucker pole with the DI tank and there’s another 30-45 minutes shaved off.

I would say in total I can finish this entire home in anywhere from 50-60 minutes faster now. And that is just doing the high stuff…I do the bottoms by hand as I have large squeegees to close them out and don’t want to waste resin on hand reach windows.

Another home normally takes me 5-6 hours to do by hand (all cut ups)-- I knock it out in 2.5-3 hours with the pure water now. Customers like it, as I am trying to break them in to the new method-- so far so good

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There’s no way I could use DI on the houses here, too much stuff that requires a razor and screen deposit remover.

More than a few times I’ve had to ‘correct’ what some guy with a brush and DI attempted to clean. I can see it being useful on houses with large glass without any artillery fungus or fallout.

What are you talking about here ? Oxidation from screens ?

Yeah, the usual stuff from aluminum screens that takes a lot of elbow grease. Quite a bit of that here.

What do you do to deal with screen deposit?

I use this stuff called Bio Clean, it works fairly well. Smells like toothpaste and is essentially ground up glass flour (silica).

Thank you. I’ll look into that!

This would work. Tucker has something similar and Gardiner will have something out soon.
I made this, great for stubborn stuff.

I have one of those too :slight_smile:
I like it a lot, actually.

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I concur. The scrub pad is a nice addition to the arsenal, I have the Tucker.

Not sure which of the above amazes me more… @DanTheWindowMan 's DIY scrubber, or his acid trip keyboard

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I run into it on occasion too. It rarely comes off with a regular cleaning. Do you charge xtra to get it off ? What’s your process ?

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How does that attach to the pole ?

@Majestic66 that is a gardiner quick loq


Gardiner quick lock

You need to convert to a 2 tank system, only way to maximize the resin.

Nice !!! I like it good idea. I didn’t have my glasses on last night. And on Oxy just had Hernia surgery. :weary: but I’ll be ready for spring :+1:

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Most of the homes I do now with pure water are maintenance cleans. I was doing them by hand for years, so they are in good “shape” compared to a first time clean. If the TDS from the tap in the areas I work in wasn’t around 100-110-- I would just use the DI tank sparingly-- but I know which jobs are good for it and not. I’ve been using a Tucker pole itself for 15 years, so I have lots of experience with using it. Heck guys I had 100+ TDS coming out of my tank (I figured what the hell, let me try one more job with it)-- still spot free lol.