Everyone was right about the scrim!

Once broken in, the scrim works so well. I did not use one blue huck towel today! I also started using the natural sea sponge.

I wish I would have listened to you guys years ago!

Thank you so much!!


What all is the sponge for?

I use the sponge to wipe the excess water off window sills. Works great! Keeps me from using so many towels. The natural sea sponge is very absorbent

Oh! I’ve been using one of those rubber absorbent towels from Walmart by the auto cleaning supplies

Lol. Whats funny is…
Half this forum is now going to say "you’re welcome, glad you listened to my advice."
Immediately followed by “you don’t need one of those, no matter what other people say.”

I always have such a hard time spelling "Hypocrite."
lol. I always think “hippo.”


Then there’s me:

I like scrims but prefer hucks. I don’t have hate for sponges I just don’t understand them. I don’t hate sectionals, I just prefer my little giant.

Soooo, basically anyone who wants to take my advice can roll the dice.


It’s ok, Jared… I respect your opinion.

There IS a chance the Earth might actually be flat…

That whole “Moon landing” thing COULD all be a scam…

Hashtag= “SupportYourFriendsEvenWhenTheyTalkOutOfTheirAss.”


Hashtag= “ThanksHomieWe/IAppreciateIt”

And Detroit is a nice family friendly vacation spot?

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How do you break in the scrim? I just got one and I’m not a fan so far. Plus Im fighting streaks with my liquidator, and learning how to use it on a wagtail all at the same time! So I’ll try and learn how to use the scrim first. Help please.

Dude what were you waiting for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m just glad you listened to my advise

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You put a soap bar in it wrap it up. Go to Detroit wait for J to go to sleep an beat him with it.

It’s called a blanket party , but breaks in the scrim real good


If Dove will work then I will be waiting for whoever this J fellow is, I’ll be the one behind his truck in the morning…

In the mean time I will just wash the hell out of it and let it air dry

@JfromtheD watch your back sleep with one eye open homie! :wink:


Launder it with regular detergent and run it through a dry cycle. Repeat about 5 or 6 times. Make sure you don’t wash or dry it with anything that has any kind of lint. Should be golden after that. Bone dry it will be stiff starting out. Regular use will gradually soften it up.

A guy said to boil it first on one of the UK forums…

boiling sounds good.
or tie it behind truck for a week or so, but i think the boiling is better.

When you say launder on dry cycle, do you mean in the dryer? (I feel retarded asking this, be kind) Because my washer gets things wet and my dryer doesn’t use detergent.

I think I like the boiling idea, would you recommend washing it with microfiber cloths and letting it air dry. (I never have lint on them when they are allowed to air dry after a light wash) Or should this one scrim be washed separate.

high heat can destroy microfibre or change it’s characteristics dramatically…it is plastic after all.

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