Figure Eightzzz

What’s up with everyone and these figure eights. People are wasting so much time to look cool.

Well that’s a touch cryptic :slight_smile: context? Or link?

I have a video in mind but I do not want to hurt their feelings, haha.

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There’s a lot of ways to clean a window.


So what do you recommend?

It is more efficient to a point. The whole point is to close out as fast as possible. Anything further is just wasted time.

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I recommend using any other method than figure eights. It works in some cases and I use it at times but it is such a time waster. Just not efficient

You I would agree. There are so many methods but this one is just a waste of time in my opinion.

Then why do you use it sometimes?

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I said in certain scenarios it works… It’s just a waste of time on windows where the technique isn’t needed.

Kind of like posting…

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Then explain figure 8. It’s a new one on me… and don’t worry about my feelings… I have a solid self image. I assume (correct me if I’m wrong) that you are talking standard fanning… if so, then I may have something to contribute. If not? I can ignore and move on…

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Well figure 8 is basically when a person comes down the edge and then under the solution. IT starts off by making an L ( kind of) Well when you come under the solution you are just gonna have to go over it again because there is solution on top of the water that was just wiped away by the squeegee. It’s just creating double the work. Hope this makes sense.

That’s doesnt make any sense

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Oliver how long have you been cleaning Windows as a profession. I’m sure the video maker would love to hear your comments on his or her technique, most of us here have thick skin and that would give the video maker a chance to explain why they use this move (if they didn’t explain it in the video.) Just tag them is this thread.

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The problem with a heading and an opening statement like this Oliver is that you seem to be courting a colourful debate.
Now the only time I’ve heard the term figure 8 is on one of Jordie’s videos (@TheWindowCleanse). In the same video he coins the term ‘swing’. In this video he explains quite clearly his reasoning behind both moves. I’ve just watched it again to refresh myself and I actually agree with his Wagtail style of figure 8. It’s really important with a free pivoting squeegee to keep the blade moving smoothly and efficiently and his observation is spot on. This becomes even more important at height on a pole. His ‘swing’ technique I can’t comment on really because for the last few years I’ve used exclusively, pivoting squeegees, Wagtail and now Moerman Excelerator and that technique is not required with that style tool. To me it sounds valid and his explanation is concise and easy enough to understand. I also feel that a technique like that may have potential on warm glass because you’re keeping water trapped under the blade and it could possibly help keep the blade gliding on quickly drying glass.
But hey, if I was a cynical guy and thought that it was simply wasting time and showing off? Maybe I wouldn’t have thought of that second possibility.
There are many many videos on YouTube on technique and tool use. I look at them and if something appeals or intrigues me I’ll go out and ‘have a play’. Even if it doesn’t work sometimes it will trigger a modification to technique that I’ll add into my workflow. We are all individuals and not one of us will replicate another parrotlike, but if the technique saves time, preserves energy and is ergonomically valuable? Then I’m gonna steal it and make it my own.


As you know everyone has their own technique, even using the same tools or methods.

Is there a video demonstrating what you mean by figure 8? That would be a good place to start.

Obviously techniques used vary from size and access to windows but to say figure 8 is just a waste of time is stupid.

Its not a good choice or effective to use that method on French windows or small possibly but does have a place in many areas.

…Gawd, I hate it when I have to spell things out. :slight_smile:

" It’s just a waste of time on windows where the technique isn’t needed."

… Much posting is a waste of time because it just isn’t needed.


The windows are just going to get dirty again. Guess I should go back to designing network cards.


Yeah I would totally agree it works in situations when using a pole. The swinging motion is good but not when the squeegee comes under the solution. I hope you get what I mean by coming under the solution. It’s just creating double the work and I don’t understand the usefulness in it. @TheWindowCleanse says it helps the flow of the squeegee. That may be true but just normally fanning a window has a nice flow if you got some really good solution. I think Jordie is a great window cleaner and he has lots of useful tips I just don’t think that figure eights or swinging back under the solution saves time.