First Deck Pressure Wash! Before/Afters

Hi All,

Just would like to share the before and after pics of my first Deck Pressure wash. I actually was already doing the windows for this client. I knew the decked looked horrible and decided to try to up-sell. I told her she now has a great clear view of her back yard and her deck. She laughed and said the deck was nasty. I agreed with her and went on to explain how a pressure wash would have it looking like new. She agreed and I made and additional 350 bucks.

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That is a composite deck right? How did you go about cleaning it?

Yes Composite deck. Well first I talked to Bob Schuman who does pressure washing and picked his brain for a few minutes on the ins and outs of working with composite. He informed me to get a composite cleaner apply it and let stand <not dry> for 10 mins. However there was a few spots that were really bad, so I used a deck brush on those spots. Then I power washed it at 800 PSI. Turned out great and the client loved it. She said now she can enjoy her deck again.

Glad it turned out good for ya. Watch using a pressure washer on composite though. If too much pressure is applied it will cause lines. We have been doing a lot of composites lately and only use pump up sprayers and a water hose and sometimes a truck brush to loosen the tuff stuff up. I just use a strong house wash mix in the sprayer and they turn out great. Give it a try next time see how that works for ya.

With just a water hose.

Attaboy, Khris!

Nice, DeJay!

Looks good. Typo I noticed on your website. First picture says “Home no ready to be sold.” I think you meant “now ready to be sold.”

Yes your right thanks for the catch.

Do you just spray the house wash mix straight out of the pump up? because that would be wayy stronger than if you were to downstream it through a pressure washer.
or do you dilute the “strong” house wash mix with water so its about the same as if you were to soft wash a house?

2 gallons hypo 3 gallons water. Dont use soap cause it will make a soapy mess. If its really bad use 3 gallons hypo. Let it dewl for 10 - 15 minutes. Don’t let dry but let set for as long as possible.


What is hypo and where do you get it?

Sodium Hypochlorite 12% you can get it at a chemical supply house or pool store. It is liquid chlorine store bought bleach is 6% sh. We use 2 gals 12% sh mixed with 2.5 gals water for down streaming house washes.

Acclaim how do you clean roofs? Most roof cleaners use an 12% sh mix through a dedicated roof pump. Looking at your website it looks like you use a pressure washer. Look into a dedicated pump set up it should save you a lot of time.

Thanks for the info.

I don’t do too much roof washing, but after listening to Thads webinar, I definitely see the possibilities. Pressure washing limits you and has it’s drawbacks.

Approximately how long does it take clean a composite deck? How much do you charge for an average size deck? I also heard that using S-Hypo can discolor the deck. Have any of you come across this?

I have done just about every color composit deck and never had any problem with it changing colors. The only color that it turns is clean,yes that is a color because I said it. :smiley: I can do a 20x20 comp[osit in under 1 hour. I would charge for a 20x20 with a few steps about 350-
QUOTE=Kurt;148265]Approximately how long does it take clean a composite deck? How much do you charge for an average size deck? I also heard that using S-Hypo can discolor the deck. Have any of you come across this?[/QUOTE]

For those of us in the “eco-friendly” business, is 12% HC eco-friendly? if not, any suggestions?

Heck yeah it is! Grass loves it…not really

Familys swim in it all summer long so I guess that say’s something about it. It nothing but a pool sanitizer. Its also use to clean drinking water as well.

I clean a lot of composite decks also, bleach, water, soap for some cling. Works like charm. I use my landa water jet (adjustable) and can clean a good sized deck in under an hour with setup 4-5 hundy is what I charge. I use only house hold bleach tho, no more 12.5% for me. I have a dedicated machine that applies it, or if its not to bad, I can just downstream that mixture.

When using a surface cleaner you need to know what you are doing, you can damage things easily. The landa has an adjustable tower to set nozzle height and keep it moving. But it cleans real quick!