First time clean on dirty windows

Wanting to get a wfp. Have made arrangements to do so and most of my jobs lined up and I’m assuming most that I will be getting are not regularly being washed currently. All residential. Can I clean as good using a WFP as I can using the tradional mop and squeegee? Someone who I don’t think actually knows said I won’t be able to get them clean like I need to with a WFP, that only after I’ve done them once or twice I can maintain them with a WPF. Was planning on going ladderless for my business, so I hope this isn’t the case…

In most cases, yes, from what I’ve heard

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good luck cleaning windows for the 1st time with a wfp especially if they have not been cleaned in sometime … by which i mean a year you will spend more time touching up drips and spots then you will cleaning windows …

So I will need a 32’ ladder it seems…dang. If I do a house every 6 months then WFP away? But at a year, mop and squeegee?

Throwing out a timeline is arbitrary and will help no one, this can not be looked at in a systematic approach as there are entirely way too many variables. Do yourself a favor and nose to glass the first time cleans, save yourself a headache. Use your own discretion when using a WFP.

Why so? Please elaborate more, as I am still learning WFP’s.

You never use a wfp for a first time on a job, there are some companies that do so. I don’t agree with it since quality is a big issue. WFP is mainly used for when your doing the job more than once a year.


WOW! I just spent over a thousand dollars on a pole set up from WCR on the premissis from many threads here on WCR that they were effective for first time cleaning in most cases. Was I premature in buying one? If I knew that was the case I would not have purchased it. My knees are bad and I am trying to not do so much ladder work.:confused:

You should then target single story and easy to reach step ladder jobs. I have not used WFP but I don’t see it as a good choice for first cleans or other than regular maintenance cleans with pollen, bug dirt, bird dirt, etc.

I have done first time cleans with my WFP. People have different views on first time cleans with it. You may need to attach a scrubber on your reach around but it can be done. For me its all about staying off a ladder. Scrub good rinse good and you’ll be fine. Just don’t rush it. Dont dout the cleaning ability of pure water

I don’t think you wasted your investment, it will be great to have on a regular basis. The reason why I don’t like WFP on first time jobs is when I was working for a company as a sub-contractor they were using one and the windows were looking exactly the same. The owner was okay with it and I wasn’t. It looked horrible so I walked off the job. Nothing beats being up close on the windows, clean the job once and do a great job and use wfp thereafter.

Like John said above you could do that also, it all depends on how dirty the windows are.

Just get your porcupine or Pulex Tiger up there first with some ecover or GG4 - give all the frames & windows a good going over, then wfp off before it dries. If needed, go back over again wfp only. You’ll save yourself 4x the amount of time/water you would have spent with wfp with drips etc.


Does anyone use a mop on the back side of their wfp with cleaning solution on it, scrub with that, then pure water scrub and rinse? Or is that crazy?

I like to have a separate pole. WFP off before it dries, otherwise you use more water & scrub more.

No Its a worthwhile investment … WFP is a great pre wash for really dirty first cleans. or as Karl mentioned if you dont want to hit the ladders

So prewash with WFP then conventional method? I would appreciate more comments from those who use WFP. Are they effective on most windows cleaned yearly or bi anually? Of course I am not refering to windows that are trashed. We see here in MI windows that have fine seeds stuck to them. Will PW and WFP soften and remove them. Thanks in advance for fielding my questions?

Nope, just use the applicator on a pole then wfp. If you get a “Reach around” then you can do it with one pole, but you’ll have to keep turning the water on & off unless you hold an umbrella.

If you are talking about little brown dots on the glass of usually first floor windows, that is shotgun fungus/artillery spores. Nothing really works for those except a razor.

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I can understand that being nose to glass on those high windows lets you see what’s up there a whole lot better. But really what are you going to do?? You’re either going to use a strip washer, a white scrubby, steel wool, a brush, a razor blade, or perhaps something else. But I don’t see why you couldn’t use any or all of these from the ground. I know it’s not the best scenario and it might be difficult, but it sure seems that you could do a pretty good job on even really dirty windows if you are able to effectively use your tools with a pole. Perhaps this is a stretch but maybe it’s entirely possible to do a great job on dirty windows without having to ladder 35 feet. At least I’m hoping so because laddering that high by myself just isn’t worth the risk.