First WFP purchase: 35 ft Ettore vs. 30 ft SLX

Hi Gang: Spoke with Shawn at RHG last night. Great source of info to help me get started w/ pure water. Ready to go now with Aquaclean EZ Pure Dolly. But pole choice is between the hybrid 35 Ettore and full carbon 30 ft SLX. About $500 difference, which is obviously huge. I’m going to be doing most work at 2-floor residential, with the occasional 3rd floor. Agree with Shawn that full carbon would be the sweet way to treat myself as the owner/operator (and age 50). Not sure I can swing the $$$. Any thoughts? Is the $500 worth it? Is there much difference in weight? I’m wondering if there is any difference in flex (the arc) between the two when cleaning a second floor window…or maybe the only difference is ease of use at 3 floors? Thanks a bunch!

I wish I could tell you from experience which way to go. My only advice if from years of buying tools for other businesses. I have bought tools that were less than I wanted in order to save money and many times it was a poor decision. Just from a business standpoint, spend the extra money to get the best tools for your needs and later it will be money well spent and you won’t wonder “what if I bought that better pole in the first place”… good luck

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We use both in our business, but after you have worked a full day you and your body will appreciate the difference the carbon fiber offers.

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Let me know if you have any other questions I would be happy to help. If you havent seen the banner we have 1/2 price aquadapters with any pole purchase. If your picking up an ezpure dolly, we will through the aquadapter in for free and the whole thing will ship free as well.

We have both hybrid and full carbon Gardiner poles. If you’re buying one for an employee, buy the hybrid. If you will be using it at all, buy the carbon. $500 is just 5-6 hours of work. You’ll probably use the thing 500+ hours a year. It’s lighter, more rigid, and worth every penny.

I see you’re in NC. What part?

Hi Rob: Charlotte. Is the 30ft SLX enough for 3rd story windows in your experience…wondering if the extra 5 feet on the Ettore is welcome peace-of-mind.

Also- do you only use a DI system there in Raleigh or a full RO/DI setup?

I do 3rd story residential windows w/ my 26ft Gardiner CL-X

Dude I just thought of something. Your name dosent fit you any more Mr squeegee.

Get the SLX. You will love it!

But I love my Unger Ergotec Ninja Squeegees.

Yea, the 30 is plenty for almost everything residential. We normally just use DI tanks. You can put a carbon filter in front of the tank and make them last longer. We do use an EZ pure for those situations that are a long way from the vehicle.

But which one would you rather live with out, huh.

That’s like telling someone they can only use one size of channel. However, the beauty is I don’t have to choose and I’m glad I don’t.

I have been using my 30’ SLX for over 2 years now. Great pole for residential! You can easily do 3rd story work. I’m 48 so we’re close in age. The rigidity of full carbon fiber is what you. If you’re doing residential you can make up the $500 in 1-2 jobs and never look back. The RHG hogs hair brush is also excellent for residential. Have done a lot of dirty first time cleans with the SLX and hogs hair with great results.

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I’m a owner/operator. Buy the SLX it will pay for itself many times over.

Chris: Like your offer! But do you guys sell the 30 ft SLX…looking like I may go for that pole. I’d like to talk to you tomorrow. If you are around today, then give me a call at 704-770-6776.

Thanks, Matt

Oops I apologize, I realized you said SLX30

That is actually no longer available in the States… What they did was re label the SLX into this Ettore pole:

Ettore Aqua Clean Carbon Fiber Pole

Im sorry for the confusion, but either way we will give you a ring tomm and go over a couple of options.

thanks Matt

Actually I was just informed we have one of those 30 ft slx left… So your in luck!

I need a shorter pole What’s the price for the 10’?

Very good…speak with you tomorrow.


Ended up going for it and bought the 30 ft SLX. Thanks for all the input. Should be worth every penny. Looking forward to practicing with it on my house next week! Thanks.