Fish prices

Does anyone know how much fish charges generally for new construction residential windows? Anything I could go off of would be great.

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Just curious why you ask about CCU, “fish pricing?”

Well they are my competitors and I’ve just taken a builder away from them
doing my first house that fish actually started and I’d like to stay right
above their prices so I don’t scare these guys off with my estimates…

Well it’s sounds like they already like your price. :slight_smile:


… I hope that’s not because his prices are lower… :slight_smile:


Lower than Fish prices??


Don’t let other company’s dictate what your prices should be.

Do you know why Fish stop doing the the job half way through? (whats was the issue)


Ok so here’s an idea of what I had. It is like a 9k square ft house 3 story
with 358 panes total big and small I estimated 4500…

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Best. Advice. Ever.
In a race to the bottom, nobody wins.


They weren’t cleaning the whole window just the glass and left streaks and
glue like crazy

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For regular clean no CC ,around here they are 5 -6 per ‘crank out’ … if that helps


Pardon my ignorance but what is a fish?

Ha just look up fish window cleaning

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Square footage of a home means very little to me when it comes to cleaning the windows. I have one particular house that I do that is 3500+ sqf, the only windows are on the front and back, 2 story. I have another house that is less square footage but way more windows. the smaller house costs more.

Anyway, general rule of thumb - take your regular window price for a standard clean and multiply it by 2.5 to 3 times and that should be about your CCU price. If you are doing more than what you say Fish did. :wink:


I’ve been told by two different people in the past year Fish charges $20 per window non-ccu in our area. That includes track, screen and a chocolate mint left on every sill. They somehow still get jobs even though their residential prices are astronomical. The same pricing as Men in Kilts.

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Oh I didn’t realize it was a company . I thought it was another term like bucket Bob LOL

Thats interesting I know there workers at least here don’t make squat…

I called FISH out to one of my jobs to give me a quote. They wanted $400 for a 2800 sqft home with about 35 panes - just glass no frames or tracks.

Wow they would never get that here. You good to get $250 on 2800 sq feet.