I am a 41 y/o Owner/Operator. I regularly go to the gym (4-5 days a week) and feel like it’s definitely a plus when it comes to cleaning windows…especially skylights. There have been a few times that being stronger and more flexible have saved my butt…if not my life. I’m wondering how many other cleaners across the States and Canada frequent the gym or some other physical activity.
My first day as a full time window cleaner is in about 12 hours. I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve obsessed over being prepared. My truck is loaded with absolutely everything I need and I’m booked a couple weeks out with several others further out. I’m ready for a successful season and look forward to conversation with you guys!


Lots of stretching everyday :slight_smile:

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Power lifting (Madcow 5x5’s) 3 days a week.

Set of kettlebells at home by the door for a quick swing.

Another set of kettlebells in my workshop next to the beer…

I am americas strongest window cleaner. Challenge me.

I pick things up and I put them down


I add at least $15k each year to my net worth by pedaling to jobs.

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I would if I didn’t have psoriatic arthritis :rofl:

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Zero excuses

What’r your current numbers?

I don’t lift heavy anymore. Used to be fun but the young kids can have that. Numbers aren’t really a thing for me. I just like being fairly strong and agile. I’m 6’6” 225lbs. The perfect window cleaner height🤷🏼‍♂️

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Oh yeah. Been at this for 28yrs. I thought I was going to need shoulder surgery. I Saw a chiropractor. He suggested Stretches and working on keeping good posture while moving tools on the glass and shoulder exercises, squats and deadlifts. Lighter weight and high reps. No surgery and I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been but, shoulders still ache if I go in the field for a day. So for the past 5yrs, I’ve been the office guy.

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Last week we texted my maxes for my meet prep so it’s all real fresh

S, 445
B, 330
D, 465


Beautiful! Nice dude.

Mine are…

Squat - 350

Bench - 190

Deadlift - 390

Went to the gym for years and gained nothing until I started lifting heavy. Saw an immediate and incredible increase in performance at work.

Would love to increase my stats. 39 years old with major left shoulder injury. Still got some time. Slowly but surely.

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lifting heavy was life changing for me too. Now I’m 37 and when I signed up for my next meet I had to register in the sub-masters division (one step below masters) and made feel old but I feel great still

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Yes working out for me has helped me be able to keep at this. Started at 20. Now 46. Been lifting the whole time. Surprisingly haven’t had any trouble with shoulders or arms. But have had lower back trouble recently (should have spent more time training lower back/core all these years). Have had trouble with the neck. Many many years of high water fed pole work. I would recommend neck exercises/ stretches for anyone doing a lot of WFP work.


I’ve always been into lifting but never really knew what I was doing until I found starting strength and learned the programming. At 42 I got back into it around August last year and running the linear progression out…

Nothin too fancy but I am hella stronger and it makes work much easier… 5RM numbers currently.
squat - 325
bench - 190
press - 140
deadlift - 335
power clean - 137


I wish I had some numbers to put up here but I don’t. I guess I’m more of a physique type of lifter. Heavy stuff isn’t good for my joints and lower back.
I appreciate all of the feedback!

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Ahhh one of those all show and no go kinda guys… you better have some nice calves then

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This sounds like we need a squat rack at the WCR booth for the next Huge convention…

Alex? Chris? Jersey? I’ll bring the rack, barbell, and plates…


Oh I’ll go brother! You don’t have to be salty cause you’re an overweight guy that has to lift heavy to have some sort of value in the gym. Not sure why you keep jabbing at me🤷🏼‍♂️