FREE New, Improved 2012 Model Pressure Tek $1389.00 Fatboy Bandit

Would you like a free Fat Boy Bandit from Pressure Tek? It comes with the pump, hose, reel, accumulator tank, and wiring. All you need is a tank and a battery. Hook up two leads, put the drop stick in the tank, and start making money!

This is the newest evolution of the Bandit. The Bandit was first introduced 8 years ago. As the years passed, we learned the weakness and strengths of different combinations of sub-components, materials and wiring designs so that the Bandit improved

My friend Bob has supported the New Orleans Contractor Event from the beginning and he is sending a free Bandit to be given away at NOLA 2012. Someone in attendance is going to walk away with a new, improved 2012 model that can spray bleach, caustic, insecticide, or other liquids over 40 feet.

You can’t win if you’re not there. Register NOW because seats are going fast for this exclusive marketing and buisiness-building extravaganza.

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Don’t know how to use the Bandit? Want to learn the proper and profitable way to pressure wash, soft wash, and clean roofs? Attend the New Orleans Pressure Washing Class the day before NOLA.

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The class sold out so we had to get a bigger room! We had guys on a waiting list and there are now 8 more seats available. Don’t wait, they’re going fast.

Who is going to leave New Orleans with a free Fat Boy Bandit from Pressure Tek?
It could be you!

Does that include shipping it home?

Woo thats awesome! Way to go Bob!

We have this years model of the bandit and its amazing.


I am here: Google Maps


Much better design. The last one wasted a lot of space. This one is less expensive too. Very nice.

Roof Cleaning Evolution

Thanks for your generosity, Bob!


By the way, I’m going to win that

Everyone will get a chance to check it out and play with it.
Somebody is going to take it home with them.

Bob puts together great equipment, I still have one of the original Bandits that made us lots of money, this one looks light years ahead!

Anyone that has not been to Nola for one of Thad’s business seminars is missing out. Every year I’ve learned something new that I can apply to my business to help it grow and improve. Thad no doubt has helped our industry grow and improve throughout the years and anything I can do to help him is a pleasure. Thad is a rare guy because he does not hold his events for profit or the recognition it brings, he truly does it for the betterment of his fellow contractors.

Welcome to this site


Looks like a nice piece of equipment, what else is needed? Does the price include shipping

The only thing else needed is a deep cell marine battery and a tank.

So it does not take water from a hose bib?

You pull from a chemical tank or water tank.

Welcome, Bob!