French pane nightmares

So im pretty sure when I fall asleep tonight I will be cleaning tiny little french windows in my sleep. Talk about a ton of fun… Gotta love um…I know my bank account does.

I had a house today with 26 of them. Used spray away on the interiors. Alot faster for me.

I always have trouble using that kind of stuff. It seems to leave towel marks and I can never get them clean to my satisfaction. What do I need to do to get perfect looking french windows with Sprayway?? I spray it and wipe with a clean towel. I’ve used a number of different towels as well, hucks or microfiber both with the same results. What am I doing wrong??

You’re doing it wrong my friend, spray and squeegee like normal.

The directions say spray and wipe clean. The directions are wrong?? I don’t see why I would squeegee it. Wouldn’t I just use a scrubber and squeegee like normal then??

I don’t personally do it, but a lot of guys find it quicker to spray and squeegee. This would work well on french panes that are maintained often enough, when they don’t need some serious scrubbing.

hmmm, I’ll have to give that a try sometime I guess. Thanks.

Charge accordingly and clean them in the same fashion you would any other. Walah! great results. I get these jobs more times than not and due mostly to the last window cleaner being in a hurry and not doing a thorough job.

I tried the spray away and I didn’t like it. Maybe you just have to work with it or a while until you get it down to a system. When I used it If you spray all the panes in the window often times by the time you get to the last panes they start to dry. Then if you spray them you get the spray on the panes you already squeegeed. It also got a lot of spray on the mullions which had to be wiped off which added a step. I go fast with the small washer and squeegee. If I could figure out how to go faster with the spray away I would be all over it. Any guys have any tips on that I wouldn’t mind giving it another shot. I’m pretty fast already with the washer and squeegee even faster would be awesome! Always looking for more speed, just not at the expense of quality.

Yes, this is correct. We did abouta 500-600 panes on Friday this way. Way faster if they meet the criteria.

I cleaned 144 cutups today FML

I applied it with a surgical towel & polished with a micro. Came out near perfect.

On occasion I use Spray Away on little panes and you just don’t spray all of them at once then try to go back and wipe or clean. You can actually get pretty fast by spraying a few, squeegee, spray a few more, squeegee then go back and detail real quick those and do the next set the same way. I also found that it works really well for the doors that have one sheet of glass and the plastic dividers as one unit attached over the pane. These are usually not recommended or convenient to remove the faux plastic divider so wetting and squeegee normal and the water runs down between them and leaves a bunch of drips to chase. You don’t need a lot of the foaming spray to get the glass clean either. Spray, squeegee and wipe the bottom edge first to catch it before it drips. With a little practice you do tend to get pretty fast. But French panes are by nature a time consuming clean. Charge what they are worth to you.

The better you get with a squeegee the less you’ll want to use Sprayway. The squeegee is faster. Spraying and wiping with a towel looks bush league too me. Swirl marks on the glass when the sun hits the window really looks bush league.

Mike they are talking about using sprayway with a squeegee. The sprayway takes the place of using a strip washer. The thinking is the ability to wet several panes at once to save time.

I have to agree. Perfect results are hard to achieve with a towel. I think a squeegee is the way to go.

Sorry about that, I thought the original thread was how to do cut ups faster.

spray and squeegee doesnt drip as much i think

Really, are we really having this conversation, use a small mop and a small squeegee. if you can on the outside use your big mop to wet two panes at once, wipe the frames then squeegee the glass

I have a hack-saw and purchased the longest squeegee channel I could get and have a little box I call my “cut-up kit”. I have officially cut every size for every french pane possible and charge 50 cents for each pane. They are definitely a lot of work and its definitely a “pane in the glass” but it pays well :wink: