Frequency Discounts

What kind & amount of discounts do you all give for your residential customers that receive regular maintenence on their windows? Say, every 3 months, 4 months & 6 months.

Twice a year they could see 15% 3-4 times a year maybe 25 -35%

10% for me

Is that 10% across the board regardless of how often?

Nope, every 2 months and my discount is only on when they get a full interior and exterior cleaning. I sell my bi-monthly as a exterior only.

In my new version of my ebook I put what I use/used to get customers to sign up and explain it.

I can’t even stomach knowing how much more business I could have if I would have stayed with this and started sooner. I am going full blast with it this year.

On my monthly house route the price is about half a bi-yearly or yearly clean cost (per pane). If it’s a quarterly clean then maybe 10% less.

I do 15% for quarterly cleans. I don’t do anything for twice per year. I can’t sell a monthly exterior cleaning on a house in my area. I am looking forward to Pauls update. Maybe he can give me a pointer or two or three, or four.

My spring postcard offers $89 off the year for signing up for quarterly cleanings. These are targeted to customers that average around $500 each.

None - does my coffee shop give me anything off for buying my coffee there every morning or does my car mechanic reduce his hourly rate because I get my car serviced there regularly ?

I give 25% off there first cleaning if they sign up for any service agreement.

Might a more frequent window cleaning take less time per cleaning?

Probably not the case with the examples you note though.

BTW, many coffee shops offer a discount for same-visit refills, yes?

I do, however, believe that a frequency discount just takes money out of one’s pocket.

I have started giving $25 off every visit past 2 in a year, a couple of those customers went to a 4th cleaning last year, but more importantly I do it with the hopes of that customer telling their friends, “He did a great job and even knocked $25 off the price”, they saved $50 that year, but because they maintained regular cleanings, I shaved 4 employee hours off the original cleaning time and added a mid winter clean to the schedule, that more than made up for the $50!

I would agree. I think alot of people who want more frequent window cleaning, price is not the issue. These are probably people who are not price concious. I think the best way to do it is not to discount, unless it is a deal breaker. If they really want a discount, throw in 5 or 10% nothing more.

I think the 3-4 times a year price is probably too generous.

Actually Dunkin donuts does give you discounts for buying coffee often, and Meinke does offer % off for regular inspections…I know this because I do a lot of them.

I shoot for monthly to bi-monthly exterior cleaning…only accessible windows with my WFP. I give a 35%off regular price for exterior cleaning monthly. that comes out to $90-110 an hour.

I think in a service industry like window cleaning you are charging for your time - therefore unlike selling goods you do not have a profit margin that you can reduce for bulk purchases. If you reduce your price you are working for less per hour. Is that not a disincentive. I find that generally speaking (unless the window are extremely dirty in which case I charge extra for the first clean ) the time taken does not vary greatly. Indeed the greatest variance to cleaning time taken is oneself and the weather. If you reduce your prices you are either charging too much in the first place or you are taking money out of your own pocket. As someone else stated previously, “price is very rarely an issue” especially once you have your foot in the door. As for coffee - doesn’t happen here, except maybe starbucks and they went bust in Oz. Having said all that, if it works for you then keep with it.

good post. You make some good points.

This doesn’t often come up, but today I did a quote for a new customer who has hired me for two other properties.
The quote today was on a huge 3 story waterfront residential. I quoted $444 exterior, she wanted to know, since giving me so much work recently (one large business, one large residence, and a tenants large residence) if I would do it for $400 even.
Since it is a three story and large panes of glass to boot with a couple of difficult ladder sets I declined to discount. She said "That’s fine, perhaps the next one down the road you could."
I’m cool with that, but several first cleans are not the same and often cleans of the same one.
I just can’t make myself discount on first cleans, even if the same customer has three or more of them.

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If it were me, I would have taken the $400 just to make her feel as a valued customer, I wouldn’t generally do discounts unless I am asked then I consider it on a per individual customer.

Yes, I almost took it, but just coming off of a very slow Summer and now a busy schedule I’m looking to sock away cash to cover next Summer’s slow down. If this weren’t a somewhat tough 3-story residence with pool cabana I probably would have discounted my labor. But once it hits 3-story, no, just can’t do it.