Gardiner pole section snapped in half on the job

Heads up guys Gardiner’s poles can snap in half. My pole is a year young.

After extending the first 4 sections on the ground and THEN raising it up to extend the rest against the wall… SNAP! the #4 section snapped right in the middle, carbon fibres fraying out.

I was at a total loss at what to do. Called a friend and he suggested cutting the piece in half and just leaving it clamped on. I got rid of it and wound electrical tape around the base and collar of the #3 section turning it into a #4 size to fit into #5 clamp.

Now to order a replacement pole section. I wonder if this is covered under warranty. Probably not.

dang, good there was no collateral damage though.

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Wow never seen that before. I had a Gardner for 5 years and no problems. Probably should be warrentied.

But why do you extend it on the ground instead of working it up against the building?

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Same thing happened to my Reach-iT Pro yesterday. It was the top section. Snapped about 4’’ above the next section. No response from manufacturer yet.


Seems like an extremely stressful way to raise a pole. I always thought you extend them straight up NOT on the ground.

It’s light weight carbon fiber man


The practice of extending the first few sections on the ground first is inherited from my days on the aluminum Tucker pole. Lesson learned.

I wanted to share my experience for the benefit of others who may be doing this as well.


gardiner advertises that at least some of their poles can be raised from the ground at 40 feet but the weight of the brush comes into play as would water in the tube.

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That’s a bummer, I dislike when the unexpected occurs on the job.

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Correct being lazy doesn’t always pay off.

I always extend my gardeners from the ground even on the 6,7th section,never had issues my employees won’t try it they don’t want to take the risk. Simple as that it’s a risk, not recommended.

These are great poles, like any pole I’ve broke, usually envolved user error.


What a coincidence. Did you tape up the smaller section so it can fit into the bigger section? We have to get by this way until the new replacement part arrives.

Can’t you slide the upper broken section back in but not extend it?

Yes however as I was messing with the pole I accidentally dropped the spring in the clamp and it rolled down a drain…

What pole was it, slx? How long was it extended?

Supermax 45… extended the first 4 sections on the ground and then LIFT!

Damn that must have been a shocker.

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…Ha…That’s exactly why I snapped the first Gardiner pole I had, the modular one, ( the lightest stiffest pole EVER )…first time I used
it. I was setting it up like I had done with the Tucker…Crraaack…


as a operator of gardiner SLX Poles and CLX Poles, and someone who sends technicians out who can barely tie their shoes at times with these same poles… I highly doubt this “just happened”. Not trying to call you out, but any carbon fiber pole just doesnt break unless it has gone through some type of abuse or mishandling. Couple tips, especially when using the Black Carbon poles… dont push the limits on over extending a section, obviously do let them drop or hit up against the side of a building. Also be careful transporting them. We have large PVC tubs on our trucks so our poles dont get smashed in the back.

I don’t know Gardiner’s warranty policy because in the 9 years we have had them I have never had a problem.


Like I said… it happened because I been raising the pole with sections extended while on the ground first. This is now a forbidden technique for me. I made this post so others can take heed and not suffer broken sections due to this way of raising the pole carried over from my aluminum Tucker pole days.

Do whatever you want.