Getting jobs from realtors

Does anyone have any advice on how to get business from realtors? I was at a dunkin donuts yesterday, and the rest of the building it was in is vacant with for lease signs with the nothnagle realtors name and number on it. The windows are filthy, and I figured it may be easier for the realtor to find a client with a better curb appeal with clean windows. I called her and left her a voicemail explaining what I saw and how I would like to help her out. Was this the right approach or is there something else I should have done? Also, should I go into realtor offices or email realtors ads with houses for sale to start a business relationship? I was also thinking about going into some of those meetings they have at hotels and stuff. Thanks!

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I threw money ($50 coupons) at the feet of the 100 realtors to give to
their clients as gifts - FAIL… Try anything, there are no rules and if there are
break them…


Just a thought. Has anyone ever had door hangers or flyers made up specifically for people trying to sell their home and whenever you drive by a house for sale, throw it up in their door? I will also be posting an ad in the real estate section on craigslist.

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Have you dealt with realtors before?I would try to approach them in person at the office or contact them by phone.I ve found some realtors don’t always get back to you by email.

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Do you happen to have a script you use when approaching realtors?

With few exceptions, the realtors I’ve dealt with are generally unwilling to shell out for clean windows on their listed properties.

You will probably get more business from realtors if you offer a coupon for discounted initial window cleaning as a part of their care packages for anyone who closes with them.


You would think they’d want to have better curb appeal and clean windows when potential buyers look out the windows into the yard. Instead, they are going to see dog snot nose prints on those windows…haha. I think windows tell a lot about how current or previous owners of a house treats the home.

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What sam said ^^^

I usually approach and say i was working in such and such an area and see you are selling no 8.I had a quick walk around and noticed the windows are in bad shape!I could clean the windows for you at (price) and make it look more appealing to potential buyers and hopefully help you sell it a bit quicker than normal.i would usually offer to clean the windows on there own house or office as well at a discounted rate to try butter them up.
Realtors are harder work during winter months especially if its raining but in summer time if that sun is beating through the windows showing all kinds of crap you could be looking at dollar signs plus also possibly landing there house and potentially there office too if all goes to plan.
Im sure the other folks on here will give you different scripts and they will all be helpful to you.Good luck with it,keep us posted.

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Thank you, Dotsy!

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I get results with realtors by going face to face. They call the property owners or give me the property owners names and numbers for services needed to make properties sparkle. The realtors only get paid if their listings sell so they are good at motivating property owners.

Edit: I was always paid by the property owner, with the exception of the WC work I did at the realtor’s offices or their personally owned rental homes/B&Bs. It is rare for a realtor to go out of pocket to pay a service provider to improve the listing, they have a lot of risk and that also means they are dealing with a seller that is not very motivated.

I think phone calls and emails from a stranger would be a total waste of time. Going to their meetings and open houses is a great way to meet them and get some free snacks! The realtors that go to the effort to host these activities would probably be interested in your ability to make upcoming open houses more saleable.


I’ve never tried this yet but thought about offering the agent a percentage cut of any cleanings he can lock down. That may give him more incentive to try and sell your services to the home owners he deals with. Who doesn’t like making a little extra cash on the side?

I’ve heard of it working for one guy. Maybe some guys on here have tried this approach…

We do this all the time. Walk in talk with the owner of firm and ask if they have a dedicated Window Cleaning company if no ask them if you can work together with them and cross promote.

I leave them 1000s of 4x6 cards that they can give to clients and also have on a table in the office. A side note bring donuts lol or something that will make them remember you. Take time every time in the area to just stop and chat up the staff.

Many will not take a % or what we call a kickback cause that break the Ethic rules but some donuts or a cookie tray will not hurt as it’s shared with the office.

Here is our card


Wow, that is awesome advice! Thank you so much! I actually used to do that when I worked sales at a wheelchair company. I would bring donuts or bagels into my referrals whenever I did a presentation.

NYCROB, what percentage of those postcards do you get responses? I just ordered 5000 from Vistaprint to start.

That’s shows the difference in the quality of the realastate agent/broker. That’s the ones you want.


From my experience…

Great realtor’s… here’s your next contact (thank you).
Bad realtor’s… give me (what do I get).


I’ve swung and missed so many times with realtors I’ve pretty much given that market up. I am sure there is an angle that works, but for me ( maybe on the higher-priced side?) I get crickets.

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I’ve worked for a corporation for too long where everyone communicates via email. I guess I figured the whole world does too. Not so! Most people don’t seem to be too keen on email.


this is a great post.:+1::+1:
a clear description of process, a picture of the card.
really nice.
i like the approach too, i don’t go after real estate agents as customers because they are so wildly different also they also have crazy time requirements and coordinating between the agent the home owner can be time consuming and frustrating.
treating them as referral sources is a far better idea.


Realtors who sell high end homes are the ones you want.

Most people (average) when selling a home are looking to spend the least to do so; most people buying a home (average) are looking to spend the least to do so.

The high end customer has the discretionary funds to do what it takes to sell or buy.

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