Go vote!

This isn’t a post about which party is best or yada yada nor do i want this topic to turn into party preference…just reminding people that their vote counts!
This is my first time I get to vote, I’m 21, so I’m super excited to exercise my right to finally vote.


I voted early, actually yesterday morning before heading to work. Thought there would be a line and take awhile. Surprisingly there was no line and it only took 10 minutes from the time I walked into the door to the time I walked out it. Today is the last day to vote early in TX. not sure about elsewhere.

Go Vote!

The way i see it voting is a right and a privilage. I have already voted . I beat the lines . Whew:cool:

yeah me too. Me and the wife were up at 6am to go vote. didn’t get out till 8ish.

I’m so excited, I voted twice!

I knew you were they type of guy that would have multiple identities.

That’s better than multiple personalities, right?

For sure!

Hey Matt…Does your vote REALLY count? I know here in Massachusetts my vote doesn’t count!

I am not voting, personally. As was previously mentioned(roughly), I don’t care who you support. I just know, for me, not voting is a personal protest against choosing between a giant douche and a pile of sh*t.( Thanks, South Park). I have never voted and probably never will.

My girl is voting though, and stoked about this election. To each there own piece of happiness and integrity.


My vote doesn’t count either.

why say that?

I don’t vote, I’m not a citizen yet, but a clear signal that things are wrong is when you have to choose the lesser of two evils, and I’m not actually referring to this election only.

My comment is a joke. I’m a republican who lives in one of the bluest states in the union. Massachusetts should be listed as navy blue state.:):slight_smile:

My vote doesn’t count because I live in a highly democratic state and therefore a vote for a republican candidate doesn’t matter. I also will not vote until the electoral college is done away with.

I respect everyone’s RIGHT to vote as well as everyone’s right NOT to vote. I am voting this year but have struggled with the thought of not voting in this election. I mean of the 300 + million people in this country this is the best we can come up with?

I also was going to vote early but decided I will wait for election day. I’m going to take that day off to hang out at the voting polls and observe people, maybe ask a few annoying questions…I’ll have some fun that day.

interesting …what system would you implement that would be fair for all states represented?

I think that every vote should be counted individually in every state so that each persons vote counts, and the president should be appointed based on who has the most votes. Very Simple. The elctoral college was only put in place because the government thought that people could not make educated decisions when voting for president.

Sounds good on the surface until you start to take a look at groups like ACORN that could easily manipulate a populous vote

having a direct election system would be subject to all types of fraud that are impossible under the Electoral College system. With direct elections, you see there would be an incentive for like Nebraska to produce more Republican votes or Massachusetts more Democratic ones. Majority fraud would be hard to combat, because the majority party would also be responsible for counting the votes.

The Electoral College system concedes some states to the party in power, but it eliminates any reason to run up the vote. Any fraud in the present system must be in swing states, like Ohio, where the parties can keep each other in check.

Ain’t gonna happen - the least populated states (those with the lowest numbers of Congressional represetatives) feel they have too much at stake, and the rules for eliminating the Electoral College make it tough (super majority of senators AND states, I believe.)